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This was the crown jewel today. Day 25. And it got off to a poor start. For starters, I woke up five minutes before I was supposed to be at work. I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, throw my eyeballs in and head out the door. I *did* manage to remember to get dressed. That's a plus.

Get to work and no sign of one of the food vendors, so that's good. Rush in, clock in and start taking care of the money from the night before. Last night was a terribly slow night, I guess everyone was recovering from hangovers and eating barbecue leftovers. Bastards.

Get all that taken care of, then the food guy shows, so I take care of that, and I start working on my 11:30 delivery and getting some prep work done. Phone rings at 10:15. It's my day driver wondering if he's supposed to work today. We discussed this on Wednesday that I would see him on Friday morning for his weekend of day shifts.
"Yes, you work today, you are in at 10:30."
"Oh, damn, I'll be there as soon as possible."
11:15 rolls around. ONE HOUR later, he's still not in. I have been calling him on his phone to get his ETA to the store so that I can breathe a sigh of relief and get moving on these other orders that have started to pour in, but it goes straight to voice mail. Finally, at 11:30, when my first order is due, I call him again and leave a message, "It would have been nice if you could have been here an hour ago. Since you aren't here yet, don't bother coming in."

I have found someone to cover the day shift tomorrow so that I don't have to. If he comes in, I told C to let him know that his services won't be needed for the day and that I will speak to him tomorrow when I come in for my shift. She isn't really looking forward to it, but I told her that if there are any problems to give me a call. I'll handle what I can over the phone. I really don't want to step foot into that place tomorrow.

Everyone but the dough guy was late for day shift today. I started crying at one point I was so pissed off that all this was going on and I had no control over any of it. I regained my composure after a minute. I really hate that that is my reaction to stress. *sigh* I *almost* forgot to take the deposit in. That would have been the major topper to the day, but I did get it in today, so that's something.

Tomorrow should be lovely. I'm going to see Transformers at the drive in. This makes me happy.

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