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I slept until almost 2 this afternoon. It was glorious. Absolutely glorious. Of course, there were a few phone calls to disturb my precious slumber, but all in all, glorious. Did I mention it was nice?

The kitties left me alone, which is fantastic. Vaash never would have let me sleep that late. Loretta only licked my arm a few times, mostly to let me know that she was kind of hungry, it had been a few hours since she ate. But, Vera, she was content to lay by my feet and let me kick her every now and again. What can I say, I move around a lot in bed.

Did a quick load of laundry and called C to tell her that I'd be in at 4 instead of 3. Since I slept so late, I needed that extra hour to wash some work clothes. She was fine with that. I arrived and there were still quite a few things left to do from the morning's prep work. The dishes were completely piled up and there were hardly any boxes. I was not very happy. I received a phone call from a disgruntled customer about her experience earlier in the day. Apparently C and T (the driver) were working at a snail's pace to get the food out and were acting like it was an inconvenience that there were customers. I sighed because I knew this was probably very true. Then she went into other details about how she wasn't allowed to use 2 coupons or whatever on the same order. I explained that was a corporate policy and she seemed pacified by that comment. I will be sending her all kinds of freaking coupons in the mail to soothe her wounded ego. The best was that she said the pizza wasn't cheesy enough. That's probably because the pizza she ordered was actually weighed out properly. That particular specialty pizza has way too many toppings and not that much cheese. *rolls eyes*

So, I told C about the call and she said that the lady was lying and that she didn't care because she knew the lady was lying. *sigh* I'll be having a chat with her on Tuesday.

The rest of the night was pretty busy for a couple of hours and then it dropped down to nothing. Had good labor percentage for the day, and if there is a profit for the week, it will be small. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that front. A profit is a profit. That's what I say. :)

Before I went in to work and while I was doing laundry, I was creating a photo book for the twins. I moved all my photos over to Shutterfly from Yahoo! since they are closing up shop. I don't really like flickr that much and Shutterfly seemed to be a little better. But they really won me over with this photo book. It is 20 pages of my photos. I'm doing a book about Arizona and Mexico for the twins so that they have some idea of the things that I get to see almost every day. I know they will love it.

I sent them a card about a week or so ago. I wrote in there, "When you get a little older, you can come out and visit and see a cactus and maybe a coyote!" They asked their mom, "Can we go now?" It's nice to know that they haven't forgotten about me.

Anyways, I am craving some sort of snack food right now. I may have to go to Circle K and see what's up on the munchie front.

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