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My nap was pretty good today. I had a recurring dream, but I don't quite remember it. It was like a sitcom type dream. I shit you not, there was a laugh track. It was interrupted by a phone call from Enterprise asking how I was enjoying the car. I said, "Fine."
"I notice some hesitation there, is everything ok?"
"It's fine. I was just in the middle of a nap is all."
"Oh! I'm sorry. Ok then. We'll talk to you later."

*shakes head*

I realized after I woke up later that I probably seem like some sort of weirdo sleeping at 2 in the afternoon. Then again, I was closing tonight and that's why I wanted the nap.

Speaking of being awake. I stopped at my favorite drive thru place to get a coffee. A nice hot Power Coffee. Yum! Except. THERE ARE NO FUCKING CUPHOLDERS IN THE FORD FOCUS. At least not that I could use for this cup. There are two holders near the front under the radio. Except, that they are HUGE and not fully enclosed. If I had put the coffee in there, it would have spilled all over my legs. Yeah, that would have been awesome. Stupid car. I'm going to take the insurance off tomorrow. I told C that I would cover the insurance on it if she just covered the rest of the cost. She's being good about everything, then again, she better be! :)

It was a pretty steady night, but not really busy at all, although we did triple the business that day shift did, so that's nice. Nice big $300 order tomorrow, that will help sales out a lot. I'm headed out with the 'Tron to go to some businesses and neighborhoods and doorhang and drop off menus and what not. Just a couple of hours, maybe a nice iced tea afterwards. Salad? Who knows?

It's funny, I've been a little happier today than I have been in a while, I don't know if that game time came at the right time for me or what, but I'm glad I'm in a better mood. I *may* even take away some HP time on Saturday to go to the basketball game for summer pro league. Char, you wanna come with? I think it's at 2, let me know tomorrow so I can call A and have him get us some VIP tix.

I think I've rambled on too long for this post to be read by anyone. Good night!

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