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Found a nice pair of shoes today. $5. Yeah! They will go well with a couple of things that I own, so that's good. I tried on a dress at the thrift store, but it looked terrible on me. Shame, it would have gone with the shoes I tried on.

Didn't get to nap today, but that's ok. Got to work and the a/c wasn't blowing cool. IT WAS 98 DEGREES in there. Terrible. I lost business because of it. People came in and walked right back out, they were so uncomfortable in there.

Not to mention it was ridiculously slow in there. I was by myself for almost two hours and the phone didn't ring once. Terrible.

Lost a shit ton of money for the week, mostly because of the repairs and maintenance. That's always fun. I think proceeded to torture T, the driver, with misinformation about the harry potter book. I am evil.

C came in to get her check stub and check the schedule and talk to T. She was not the one who let the air out of his tires. She threw something at the other girl's car, however. Just a bottle of lotion, nothing was harmed. So, I guess other chick let the air out. I was cracking up the whole time. He was caught, nekkid, with another woman in his bed. "Oh, we didn't have sex. We just got drunk and passed out."

Naked. Right. Uh huh.

The worst part of it is, I think C is still willing to work shit out with him. *bangs head on wall* I told her to dump him and move on. he's not worth it and I don't need another 6 a.m. phone call. Seriously.


I really don't want to work this week. I traded out my Sunday off with M, so now I'm working Sunday and having Saturday off. I won't be able to make brunch. That sucks.

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