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I am so sore. We cleaned both ovens last night, it was about 2 hours of intense spraying, breathing in chemicals and scrubbing. Not to mention lifting. The fingers, as they are called, probably weigh about ten pounds. Maybe. I could be overestimating because as the evening wears on they get heavier and heavier. At one point, I was trying to put one of them in upside down. Duh.

I pulled all of the fingers out, in order, and one of the cooks washed them. The driver cleaned the conveyor belt and my supervisor cleaned the entire outside of the oven. I swear, this oven looks practically brand new. We just forgot one thing. We forgot to wipe down the top of it. I'll probably take care of that tomorrow if I get a chance. We need to clean the rest of the store so that we can pass inspection. Oof.

It's been a good two days of business so far. The storms are helping keep business up in the evenings. Nice and steady. Surpassed the projection for the past two days and the huge order for this morning helped quite a bit towards tonight's goals.

Right, that large order. $369. Plus a $91 order that went to the same place (the place on Valencia, you know who I'm talking about, HAM). When I took the order for the $369 order, the lady told me, "Put a 15% gratuity on there."
"Sure, no problem."

Except, there is a problem. I'm not allowed to. I have to let THEM write it on there. This is from the finance lady, D, in the corporate office. Ok, fine. I figure I'll smooth talk them when I get there, because I know once they realize how large 15% is for that total, it isn't gonna happen. And, I was right. *sigh* I told them that the 15% had not been added to the total because I wasn't allowed to write it on there. They needed to do that, just so that there wasn't any confusion later on down the line when the bills came. Ok, no problem, let me just take it to the boss.


That's not even 10%. FOR 17 PIZZAS, 14 OF WHICH WERE SPECIALTY PIZZAS. That means a fuckload of toppings. I was so pissed. Then again, this could be the karmic payback for not letting Mr. Charisma take it. Although, this morning he was just Mr. Crankypants. He noticed M doing a prep list and produce order (which I neglected the night before having been distracted by cleaning the oven and all kinds of staffing issues which I will get into in a moment) and flat out refused to go pick up produce. Uh, dipshit, no one asked you to do it. I had told M before I left on the delivery to go ahead and see if we needed any produce, and if we needed a substantial amount of things, I would run down to Ron's and pick it up. I didn't put in an order so I would take responsibility and take care of it. She just looked at him and said, "Don't worry about it. It's being taken care of."

She's at the end of her rope with him. I came back from getting some produce from another store and she told me that he forgot salad dressings for this one order that had a catered salad. They called and said, "Hey, where is the dressing?"
So, he comes back and she says, "Take them their dressings."
"I'm not taking them."
"Take. Them. The. Dressing. You. Forgot."
When he gets there, they aren't answering the door or phone. HAHAHAHAAH.

I can't wait until he quits. Unfortunately, he was in uniform today, so I couldn't send him home. Then again, I'm exhausted. I need to get some laundry done. Nap. And find out what the fuck with my car. I need to call them. *sigh*

I can't even get into staffing issues from last night, so I won't bother. Needless to say, it was crazy. Things just never go right. I swear.

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