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Return of the King

So, went and saw Return of the King as it was meant to be seen in a theater, with very few, very quiet people. Ahhh...bliss.

One of the best movies I've seen all year. Yes, I shed a few tears, yes, I laughed a few laughs, yes I almost puked in some of the battle scenes (not blood and gore, just shaky camera work a la The Blair Witch Project). Best Christmas present yet. I can't wait for the DVD having seen that there will probably be an extra hour on it. WOOHOO!

I rarely become a fangirl, but, damn, that was a good movie. And now I am free to read the books (I didn't want the movies to be ruined for me before I got to see them) :)

I feel the need to se up my new desk and sewing machine that I've had for eons. Perhaps I will do that in an effort to procrastinate on my paper even more.

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