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(no subject)  
09:06pm 29/07/2007
I arrived at work two hours early. *sigh* I *could* have gone to brunch after all. Oh well. It was such a slow day shift, it was absolutely ridiculous. I did get some good cleaning in, though, so that was nice. Then, around 2:30 my mid shift night driver calls out. His friend was in a car accident and he's at the hospital with him. Shit. I call my other two drivers, one I get no answer and the other has already started drinking. Great. I ask my day driver if he would mind staying for a while just to help get through the dinner rush, he says it shouldn't be a problem. I tell him that if he can't I can do it, it's no big deal. Well, I didn't end up on the road, but honestly, I probably should have taken that last round of deliveries before I left. I was just so tired. So, I left around 7:50 and day driver wasn't back yet. That kind of sucks. I hope he got out shortly thereafter.

I don't know what happened, but the phones just went crazy at 4 and didn't stop until about 7. Crazy crazy crazy. At least we were almost to projection by the time I left, so that's good. I haven't had a chance to hit my paperwork yet. I'm kind of dreading tomorrow because I know I will be there way freaking late. *sigh*

Yesterday's adventures have inspired me to put together a bit of a ghost town tour. I may do one town every other weekend or something. Probably start doing that near the end of August. I think that could be a fun photobook for the twins, and possibly myself.

In other news, only two more car payments and I own it. The whole broken shebang. Must remember to get engine coolant tomorrow. And kitty litter.

A shout out to salome on her birthday today. Keep on keepin' on sister!

And, a see you soon shout out to my buddy lunarcamel who begins her journey to a new city and a new life. Congrats, you're gonna do swell kid!

I will miss having a joint birthday celebration, though.
mood: exhaustedexhausted
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(no subject)
03:10pm 30/07/2007 (UTC)
Your day driver is a push over. We had practice!
It's cool though because the drummer ended up showing up 45 minutes early, and then I had to go to Phoenix. So it all worked out.
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(no subject)
04:58pm 30/07/2007 (UTC)
Hey, he told me about the drummer stuff and that you said it was all good because *I* told him that since he already had practice plans with you that I would cover the shift and he could go. So, neener neener.
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