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I think dancing Spiderman sums up my mood perfectly.


I'll let you have a moment to let that sink in.

*twiddles thumbs*

Ok, you see, last night he claimed for his tips $17. On 18 deliveries. Totalling ~$500 in sales. that's, what, 3%? I called shenanigans. I also called shenanigans on the over 100 miles on those 18 deliveries when the guy who had been there for 10 hours had 70 miles. And one less delivery. And about 7 of his deliveries were during the day shift. When they are mostly singles. To everywhere. Yeah, you bet I called shenanigans.

Look, I've had crap tip nights. But, I have NEVER made less that 7% on my evening's sales. Never. Lucky? Maybe. Considering I made about 15% tonight on 7 deliveries. Yeah, 15%. That's pretty good, no? It could have been better, but there was a guy who didn't know how to add on his credit card slip, so I got jipped out of $2. No worries.

As for mileage, well, I am familiar with padding your miles. It's pretty easy to do, *if* you do it every once in a while. But, c'mon, ALL the time? I've been delivering driving now for almost three years and I know most of the tricks to boost your take home cash, I'm not new to this shit. Anyways, I wrote him up. I told him that I had already warned him about this before and that the next step was this write up. On the write up it stated that if there was questionable claiming again, I would terminate him. Simple as that. He looked surprised that I did the write up. Perhaps he thought I didn't have it in me. And, he was almost right. If I didn't know about his upcoming screw over and some of the other comments that he made to M, the driver, I *might* have let him go. So, I told him to put his remarks on the page, sign and date it and that was that.

He left on a delivery, I sent M home for the night since Mr. Charisma seemed to be staying and then I left for the night. I get a call the minute I sit down on my bed to take off my shoes, having already pulled a beer out of the fridge. Luckily, I didn't open it. J called and he needed me to come back in. I figured that they just got slammed with a ton of orders since I heard the phone ringing in the background. So, I said, Ok, no problem.

He calls me again as I'm about halfway there, "He just quit. That's why I need you here."
"Ok, not a problem."

I finished out the shift, did closing manager duties and J and the cook cleaned the store. I had to go help them to finish it up so we could get out of there.

I just pulled an open to close, which isn't the first time and it won't be the last and I really don't care. Because one of the biggest headaches I have just quit.

I just need to get his keys back, now.

*takes a long sip of beer*

I have to redo my schedule for next week, but that shouldn't be a big deal. I just put up the now hiring sign, I'll probably have new people ready to work in about a week or so. Oh yeah.

ETA: My biggest thing with his whole little plan is this: if you have a problem, then confront it with me. Do you think that I am doing this wrong, or that wrong? Are you unhappy with your schedule? Tell me. Don't just be all whiny and then plan some great fuck over on the people you work with. Trust me, that won't make them like you.

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