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Apparently, the cable company likes to be paid for their internet services.


I think I'm like 4 months behind. I remembered to pay them a pittance near the end of July and of course, promptly forgot about them again. I got home last night to check emails and LJ and oh, sorry, no internet connection. Oh well, this will cut down on my computer time immensely. I'm at Shot in the Dark right now. I needed food and coffee and wi-fi.

I can check email and LJ at work, but I can't post to LJ from work. I may be doing voice posts a bit more often now. Not that I really have anything exciting going on at the moment. We passed cleaning inspection, so that's good. That $50 will be a nice thing. No more Mr. Charisma. That's good.

I had to get the locks changed at the store. Not that I think he's going to do anything, but this way it makes sure he can't get in after we are all gone for the day. Which reminds me, I need to call C and make sure she gets the deposit in. And done.

This will be interesting to see how i can cope without internet in the house. That has been my one true luxury as far as monthly bills go. And it's the one thing I can live without. I think it might get me out of the house more. There is a fly in here (of course, it's shot in the dark) and it keeps landing on my arm. Stupid fly.

I'll get the bill paid over the next month and then make my decision as to whether or not I can survive without internet. I think while I'm here in the cafe, I'll see if there is a cheaper alternative to cable internet. Without having to get a phone line through qwest. I have absolutely no desire for a house phone. None.

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