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(no subject)  
03:24pm 01/08/2007
I just remembered what I wanted to post about last night and then couldn't get online.

Four way stops.

I'm sure that most people on my F-List understand the concept of the four way stop. You come to an intersection and the first person goes and then the next etc etc etc. And, if the traffic light isn't working, then you fall back to the four way stop rule.

It seemed that everyone yesterday forgot this little tidbit of information. Perhaps they were too busy on their cell phones, in a huge hurry to get to In-N-Out burger or whatever, but I saw no less than two accidents yesterday because people didn't adhere to that rule. Not to mention the near accidents that happened because people were driving too fast and about skidded into a telephone pole or whatever. I almost lost control of my vehicle on River Rd because of all the loose gravel on asphalt and the wet road conditions themselves didn't help. And that was doing five under the speed limit.

I was reading the paper and they were talking about how we shouldn't blame people so heavily as this isn't an everyday event in their lives. I'm sorry, ok, you know what? Hurricanes didn't happen everyday, but we all seemed to know how to manage without power, traffic lights and coffee. Monsoons don't happen everyday, yet most people I know seem to know how to manage without the above. WASHES DO NOT FLOOD EVERYDAY AND YET IT SEEMS TO BE COMMON FUCKING SENSE TO NOT CROSS SWIFTLY MOVING WATER. Especially in your little Honda Civic.

Stupid dipshits. The funniest story is that of the pizza delivery driver who got stuck. I'm just glad it wasn't one of our drivers. Although, the publicity would have been good. :)
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(no subject)
11:02pm 01/08/2007 (UTC)
Monsoons are, in fact, an annual event in the lives of Tucson drivers. And since many people move here from other states where there are many more thunderstorms, they ought to know general rain safety. People here freak out and do stupid things even when they are not in washes and when the roads are not flooded, because water=scary? Drives me batshit. And, yeah, common sense. But even people with big ass trucks get stuck in floods. Big ass trucks often over ride common sense, it seems.
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