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July 22nd was my 5 year LJ anniversary. porcelain72 mentioned that she was beginning her sixth year on LJ and it made me realize that I had been on here a while as well.


I'm in a different cafe now. I was on the phone with my dad earlier this afternoon and he told me about a police standoff in our neighborhood. *shakes head* Some 15 year old was shooting, allegedly, at a 13 year old. My mom was allowed to leave the neighborhood, they searched the trunk of the car, but she wasn't allowed back in. My dad was waiting to get back in as well, as he wanted to go home after work. I tell ya, I kind of miss the drama of that neighborhood.

Went to Target and got kitty essentials. They will be happy with food. They seem to like eating. Changing out the kitty litter tonight and getting a load of laundry done. Maybe two. Have to wash the sheets.

I also need to develop a marketing plan. Work out how I am going to break down all of this marketing so that when the fall hits I EXPLODE with sales and break every record in the world and then...suck ass next year. :)

Ok, hanging out with Charleen now, maybe a game of Scrabble is in our future.

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