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Been an interesting few days. Nothing too crazy or whatever, but definitely something to write about, I guess. :)

speranzosa made me a feel a little better about my LJ posts regarding work saying that she looks forward to the pizza stories. I figured I bored you all with tales of the workplace dramas. They are rather silly sometimes. Anyways, I may just move most of the pizza drama over to my Vox journal and try to keep this one for various other things that are not work related. Like, the fetish ball.

I went last night. It was all right. Kind of boring, and hot as all get out. Stupid swamp cooling. The first show on the 2nd stage was some sort of blood/medical fetish. I have no idea, I didn't think it was erotic in the least, but then again, not my thing. I spent the bulk of that performance resting my feet and watching people walk around. Some interesting costumes, but for the most part, just people half naked with fishnets or electrical tape or vinyl. I saw a guy that on first glance was pretty attractive. Then I got a closer look and...eh. That and seeing the guy he was walking around with, they struck me more as lookyloos than people there to be all "HI! I like feet!" or whatever.

I'm still figuring out the whole internet at my home situation. I think I'll figure it out this week if I "need" it at my house or not. I'm about 50/50 right now. Yes, I like the convenience of having it at home and being able to download stuff, but at the same time, that kind of keeps me chained to the house. I got rid of the television to stop being a couch potato. Now I'm just a computer couch potato. Getting rid of the internet helps me not be a computer couch potato. Besides, almost everywhere has wi-fi and I have the laptop. so it all works out in the end, right?

I think I'll be calling Cox later this week to cancel service and will be paying them over the next month. Like I said, 50/50.

The good thing about this month is that my birthday is coming up. I can hopefully get a couple of dollars out of my family members. That's the good thing about birthdays. :)

It's raining. I love it when it rains. That usually brings business. I like when people order. We're pretty close to the projections for the week, hopefully we can make it. *crosses fingers*

Ok, off to read things on other sites and maybe some more LJ stuff, I had a whole bunch of stuff in my head and since I can't post from work, it makes it harder for me to actually remember what I'm going to be posting about. Yeah, good times.

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