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From about 10 a.m. this morning

I am so pissed right now. I had a good evening. Got a bit of a nap in and finished reading a book that I got for fifty cents at the goodwill. Yay for me! Went and hung out with M for his last night in town. He was at North on 4th and it was a good time. We left there and went to Grill for tots and hanging out. I met another LJ person there, but didn't reveal my identity or that I knew his. The girl he was with I found highly annoying and I want her to know as little as possible about me. All she really needs to know is that I'm her ex's boss. (By the way, it's not helping me that the radio is playing Hotel California. I DETEST this song.)

Anyways, I got home about 3 a.m. to find a message on my phone from C. She was still sick and couldn't come in, blah blah blah. *sigh* Fine. I call her back, at 3 a.m. mind you, and ask her if she could come in at all, I would cover opening the store. I get a call back from her at 5 a.m., again, she's in tears. It seems that T has slept with some chick just last night. *sigh* She says she is going to kill herself so will be unable to come in for any of her other shifts. She hangs up. I call her back twice and give up. I considered getting up and going over to her house, but decided against it. I fell back into a fitful sleep as I had been disturbed twice already. Once was one of the cats biting my toe for accidentally kicking her and then a 5 a.m. phone call professing suicide.

I got up, called my boss and left a message telling him I couldn't come in because C was sick and I had to open the store. I then called my other boss a little later telling him the same thing. I have received 3 phone calls since I got into work asking me how I'm going to get my paperwork turned in.

Uh, ok, you know the situation I'm in. I can't leave the store. I'm in charge right now. Now, there are, oh, I don't know, FOUR of you who can come over here to pick it up if it is THAT freaking important that you get this shit right now. They are going to have to wait. And wait they shall. I'm not in any rush to get it over there.

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