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So, that was my morning. Pretty exciting, non?

Things got a little better. J was scheduled in at 4, so that was awesome. I managed to get most of the prep work done before I left, but I felt kind of bad not finishing all of it. J seemed to be sympathetic to my situation. I figured we were well stocked enough on most things that it wasn't too important to get *everything* done. I don't like when I don't follow my own rules, but dammit, I was exhausted.

The phone kept ringing today from corporate wondering about the paperwork. Made me think of these Kids in the Hall sketches:

I can't help thinking about Tony either.

But, update on C, she is still alive. Now I can go kill her. She'll be taking over some of my Thursday shift so I can get some things done around my house and you know, in my life.

I threw a hissy fit while I was there with only one of the dough guys. He found it more amusing than anything. I guess it's funny to watch someone who never loses their cool to finally just throw a tantrum. But, I had to either throw slice pans around (which make excellent crashing noises) OR cry. Can't cry at work. People lose all kinds of respect for you if you cry.

The day wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. I would have much preferred a bit of relaxation and writing and reading and laundry, but no, that was denied me.

Anyways, last night that annoying chick. Let me tell you why she's so annoying.

She's too clingy. Well, that's one part of it. It saddens me to see young women so willing to do ANYTHING for some guy, especially one they aren't even dating anymore. Yes, anymore.

They've been broken up for a while, you see. And she did everything for him. Whatever he asked, I even got to find out that she let him give it to her "Greek" style, because he wanted to. Not because *she* wanted to, but because that's what *he* wanted. She made sure we understood that. Oh, wait, it gets better. She then volunteers information regarding the size of his penis. I care not for the knowledge of how large his penis is. No, it's true. I don't want to know. And for my male readers, I don't want to know how large *your* penis is. Nothing personal, but, it's really none of my business. So, she goes on and on about his large cock and then the conversation switches again. Thankfully. Again, out of the blue, with a point of pride, she asks one of the guys at the table if he knew so and so. He said he did and she says, "I made out with her last week."
"Yeah. Not because I wanted to, but because T wanted me to."


And that saddens me, it really does. Anyways, I may be posting some more positive nostalgic things this evening. Right now I just wanna internet for a while. :)

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