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Other life updates for you, my loyal skimmers.

Yes, I called you skimmers. I do that to some of your posts every now and again, skim on through, “Anything juicy or life threatening or national security risks I need to know about? No, ok. No time for LJ today, but I don’t want to have to go back 60 posts to see if something really monumental is happening.” Plus, I figure, if you REALLY were excited, you’d use larger font sizes or something. J

I’ve been dabbling in some marketing ideas for the store and/or the company. There has been some progress made in the ideas from the president of the company, and I think they could be positive things, but since we rely so heavily upon word of mouth advertising, I came up with a few other things that we could implement that could possibly increase sales, hopefully by 5-10%. Of course, I lack the ability to actually test these percentage outcomes, but doesn’t it make me look smarter to throw percentages in there?

I spoke with A, my main boss, about making Miss the assistant manager. This seemed to give him pause. I began discussing my reasons behind making such a suggestion to him, especially given that the store isn’t too so hot. But, *that* dear friends, is the biggest reason why we should throw an AM in there.

You are crazy! I can hear you saying it, but hear me out. Yes, the store would then be supporting two salaries, but that’s two salaries that mean more overtime given. Ah, the old we’ll abuse you line. But of course, welcome to capitalism. We now own your ass for a set fee every two weeks. Congratulations, you’re a sucker.

The thing is, she’s willing to work the hours. And if I can have her *in* the store more than 38 scheduled hours per week (I keep it to no more than 38 in case there are stay late days so that she doesn’t go into overtime) that means that *I* can go OUT of the store and get more aggressive in marketing to apartment complexes, hotels, local businesses and getting things out of these people in trade for gifts/incentives to the employees. I could have her go out and do this, but well, she isn’t really face forward material, I guess you could say. Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t physically deformed in some hideous bell ringer way, but there is a demeanor aspect of her personality that doesn’t really mesh with schmoozing. Uncouth might be a good word. Rough around the edges. You get the idea.

Not that I’m a charm school graduate or anything, but I think I have a better idea and understanding of how to relate to people and gauge their moods and whether or not they are willing to listen to any line I am about to give them. I daresay, I think I’m charming. Not to toot my own horn or anything.

Ok, I really just wanted to say toot. Toot toot.


And there are other reasons. She is more willing/able/eager to follow up with employees in disciplinary type things. She is the one who has written up two people in the last month. Not me. I don’t like confrontation. At all. I had to get pep talked up by one of my drivers to confront/write up Mr. Charisma with this tip claiming and mileage padding nonsense.

Oh, yeah, he came into the store to give back his keys. He looked a little shocked to see me behind the counter and not Miss. I think he chose Tuesday because he figured I wouldn’t be in since I am usually at my weekly meeting with corporate. It’s usually Miss running the show on Tuesday mornings. Alas, she needed the day off and C was threatening hari kari and claiming sickness. *shakes head* Poor guy. I should have shaken his hand, though. To show there were no hard feelings, even though I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire. But, I didn’t. Instead I reveled in the look of fear on his face. Dipshit.

Maybe he was put in my path to get me to be better able to speak up about things. Since his resignation, I started working on the marketing plan and am now asking for an AM and will be issuing raises fairly shortly. There are quite a few employees right now who deserve to make a bit more per hour. They are working hard and trying their best. I also told A that I was making my new day driver “secret supervisor” like Lynn was. This way he can take the deposits and he’ll be eligible for the inspection bonuses, since he does help clean and what not. And that puts him at the top of the food chain of drivers in terms of wages. T came up to me the other day and asked if he could be head driver.

“No, there is no head driver.”
“But, what about day driver?”
“He’s not the head driver, he’s the secret supervisor. This is so he can take the deposit every day so that *I* don’t have to do it and since Miss doesn’t have a car and C isn’t old enough to leave the store while on the clock.”
“Why didn’t you give that to me?”
“I offered you the chance to do nothing but day shifts and you said no. This is your loss. I would have offered you the same opportunity, but you declined. I only make an offer once. You lost out.”
“That sucks.”
“For you, yes.”

See what happens kids? Don’t hesitate and use the fact that you have no a/c in your car to miss the chance to move up in the world! J

Anyways, A and D are going to come chat with me about Miss being an AM and day driver getting this raise/promotion and all that other good stuff. I look forward to this chat. I’m going to be presenting them with my marketing ideas and ask that they also send them along to Ute, or give me her email address and I’ll send them along to her. I think that they could work and will help get our sales back up on top of the game. I also think that this little shake up in management will help move things along. The manager of the Ina store stepped down for a different job, but has recently asked to come back, even as a driver, as that job turned out to be a crock of shit. Good times. So, the manager from the I-10 store is moving to Ina and they hired outside for the I-10 store. Maybe she can move things back in a positive direction. Unfortunately for her, there is a new In-N-Out moving in across the street. Of course, I would turn this around in my favor. Send people out to the long line that is inevitable and hand out menus. Instead of waiting in line here, come across the street and have your food in about ten minutes or so. The burgers will be there in another few weeks, come have your pizza now. J

It’s a thought. I guess I’m trying to stay positive on this for now. Although I’m still a little miffed that there is another chick. Like I said before, I *liked* being the only woman manager. Ah well, maybe we can team up and be all superwomen or some shit. Or not. I don’t know if I really have the time for that nonsense.

I’m rambling, so I’ll end this here. Later!

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