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Oh man, more pizza drama

Seriously, the hits just keep on coming.

C came in today to work her shift, having not killed herself made her available for continuing to be in my employ. *rolls eyes*

"So, um, when I called you crying, what did I say?"
"You said that you wouldn't be able to work anymore of your shifts because you were going to kill yourself."
"Oh. Heh."
"Which gave me some worry, which is why I sounded a little concerned when I left you that message. But, I'm glad you didn't kill yourself over T. That would have been stupid."
"Yeah, that would have. He said he only kissed her."
"Oh. Who? I'm confused."

I'll drop the conversation and just give you the update on this little love rhombus. Ok, there is K, who is the doormat that T says he only kissed. That flies in the face of what I heard on Monday night. E, the girl that he was caught "sleeping next to, no really only sleeping" when his tires mysteriously went flat, is the girl that he slept with Monday night. Or Sunday. I don't remember now. And then there is C, who is standing by her word that they haven't slept together. Miss hears different from T. Is your mind reeling yet? Yeah.

So, I asked her, again, if it was over...finally. No. *bangs head on pizza oven* WHY DEAR GOD WHY?
"Because, I want to wait until he likes me so much that is when I am going to screw him over."
"Um, honey, he's never gonna like you that much. Because you are always there for him. He will continue to treat you like shit because he knows you will stick around and take it and when he needs something, you'll coming running like everything is ok."
She flinched a little when I said that. Then told me that she felt guilty if she didn't help someone if she could help them.
"That's called being a doormat. You need to stop. Why do you think I left Florida?"
"To stop being a doormat."

I tell ya, the kids today. Anyways, corporate kept calling me again today. Why always during the lunch rush? Why?

Trained another new guy, took about four more applications and had to explain, once again, that I don't want to talk to these applicants. I probably am not going to hire them, I can't hire every person who walks in off the street. My labor would be ridiculous if I did that. :)

Another tip, for you would be job hunters out there, and please, share this information. Don't ask to talk to the manager to turn in your application. I'm probably busy. Very busy. Just hand the application to the person at the counter and tell them something important. When I applied at the store I'm at now, I said to the guy, "I know it's not on there, but I was a delivery driver a few years ago, so I'm pretty good at taking food to people. I'm available anytime!"

My application wound up over at the 4th ave location and the rest is history. Oh, and don't call a restaurant between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Just don't. We're busy. 2:30 is a good time to call to check on the status of your application. The manager has had a chance to catch a minute of rest after a hectic lunch rush and is now pulling the rest of the shift together to get things done. Although, honestly, it's more effective to come in and ask on the status of your application. Seeing that pitiful face begging for a job. Oh, and don't come in all sloppy. Run a comb through your hair, tuck your shirt in and wear slacks for crying out loud. Or, dress jeans. I will be acceptable of that. :) But, don't come in looking like you are ready to go to the club to pick people up and get jiggy with it or whatever.

See how old I am? I said "get jiggy with it". Not "wit" it, but "with" it. That also shows how out of it I am.

Sorry, I'm being silly. Now that I know I can update from work, maybe I can bring you more in depth posts, like swimming pool memories instead of love trapezoidal stories of major pizza drama.

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