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10:59am 11/08/2007
One of my drivers was stuck in a wash last night. Good times. This meant that the delicately design of the schedule fell completely apart. *watches everything crumble*

What sucks is that it wasn't even that busy, it was the fact that these deliveries were so all over the place that this one delay ruined everything. Orders wound up being discounted and comped because it took so long to get there. Even though it wasn't technically our fault...it's our fault.

So, because this driver's car is next to a wash, I get to be here on my day off doing the day shift because, well, i have no other drivers. I have an application in front of me for a driver, and I think I'll be giving her a call on Monday. The week has been so shitty for sales that I'm ready to cry and I can't get my fucking closing supervisor to do his fucking job properly. I didn't know it was that hard to fill out a god damn journal at the end of the night. "Things went bad. I comped this. Mr. X didn't show so we called in Mr. Q." THAT IS ALL I'M TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE.

Sorry. I'm just in a foul mood because I am working on my fucking day off.

Later on in the day, I will talk about the pretty fabulous evening I had after the whole stuck in a wash debacle.
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07:46pm 11/08/2007 (UTC)
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Omg, what a bummer. That's 2 days off in a row that you've had to work!

There's a free concert tonight at Alfie's Pub -- I emailed you the link. What do you think?
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