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Sunday Sunday Sunday  
08:59am 13/08/2007
Woke up pretty early for a Sunday where I don't have to open the store and headed for Bentley's to have a spot of brunch. Had some eggs and toast and potatoes (they never give you enough potatoes) and nice large cup of coffee. Did some internetting and hung out with Matt and Bryan. Started a game of Scrabble and I wasn't doing very well. 11:00 a.m. rolls around and my phone rings. It's C. "I can't get the safe open. It's stuck."
Now, I'm wondering why the hell she is opening the safe at 11 a.m. and not earlier in the morning. I find out later in the evening. She wasn't there until 11. Yes, it's true. The opening driver and cook show up at 10:30 like they are supposed to (actually, I think the cook was early) and walk on into the store. The alarm starts going off. They rush over to Miss' house and she calls C. "Oh shit! I forgot to set my alarm."

You see, this is the same excuse I have heard about, ohhhhh, 50000000 times. I do that every now and again. Forget to set the alarm. But, almost every morning shift I work? I don't think so. Anyways, so, I get here and handle the safe (just jiggled the handle and the combo wheel and did a lot of tugging. The deposit bag was caught in the mechanism) and she tells me that we were $27 short the night before. I received no phone call about this. :|

Well, I couldn't find it in the paperwork. My only thought was that one of the n00bs gave someone their food and didn't have them pay for it. I get back to Bentley's and receive another phone call. She found it. It was in the register. *bangs head on oven*

Anyways, I have a large order due out first thing right now. Need to weigh some cheese and count some chicken wings and get to work.

Not the best story so far, but it's up there in the incompetence I am facing right now. Oy Vey!
mood: aggravatedaggravated
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