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Yet another 2003 farewell

The end of the year. yay! This year wasn't horrible, but it could have gone better. I was glad to celebrate my godchildren's first birthday, that was good times and should be many more good times to come. Especially when they get to go to DisneyWorld for one of their birthdays (I'm not sure which one yet, but maybe 5 or 6 years old, I should start saving now). It was great turning 25, now I can rent a car without extra fees, yay for me! I'm glad that I got to travel across the country and meet some people for the first time and again (for the second time). That was one of the best times I ever had on a vacation. I'm glad that I got to go out of the country, even though US customs decided to harass us because we are from Florida and went to Canada overnight. Yes, I confess, I'm a huge drug mule!!! I had 50 tons of weed hidden in my jacket which they never checked. Ha on you US Customs. tthhhbbtttt

It was sad when my godmother's mom died. She's in a better place now, no pain. Which is good :) I'm sad that I spent so much time fighting with heather (ok, it was like four days,but still, that's a long time in friend world).

That's probably most of it. Things seem to be turning around a bit for me, which is good. School is okay (I *really* need to write that paper though), work is okay, money is not okay, but hey, everything can't be okay.

I'll be working this evening, but I'm sure I'll have a latte to toast in the new year!

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