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Who is ready for some more story time?

I figured that I had it all under control. I would cover D's driving shift (and make a few dollars in the meantime) and leave C and Tui in the store to do the cooking and have Tim on the road. No problem. It's a Tuesday night, it's never that busy.

Unless you take into account that EVERYONE wanted delivery last night. EVERYONE. We had 30 deliveries between me and Tim last night. That's not counting the one that got voided because the guy wasn't at home when we delivered. So, 31 deliveries. I screwed up one of them. Gave the wrong pizza to this one guy. So, had to go back and give him the right pizza. Their next order is on the house. *bangs head on the oven* The funny thing is, when I handed it to them, something just felt wrong about the whole thing. My pizza instincts were in full effect, I just wasn't paying attention to them. Dammit.

I call the store after the next delivery and get it all sorted out. Having a 2 liter of Cherry Pepsi in the car was a good tipoff that something wasn't right. So, get that all taken care of, remake the order I gave to the other guys, swing by the store, pick that up along with another delivery and run that to the guy. Turns out this guy has only ordered from us twice. Last night being the second time. And his order was free because we fucked up the last time. I comped out his soda that we *were* going to charge him for, gave him 50% off his next order, told him the fault was all mine, introduced myself as the manager, shook his hand and when I got back to the store, put in a comment that he is a VIP customer with priority over everyone. I hope he calls back.

The worst part of the shift however was this: C WAS 2 HOURS LATE.

Miss had to stay, well, all freakin' day. She and Tui got us through the dinner rush while Tim and I drove our little hearts out. Poor Tim was up the hill about four times last night, I only went up once, but I was also running deliveries all over creation and back. I just held out hope that no one took an order for out of area. That would have just made me cry. Sometimes people sneak in this whole, "I'm over by Tucson Blvd." neglecting to let us know that the cross street is VALENCIA. You know, the airport. Yeah, that's a bit of a drive.

So, with everyone pitching in, and C being very very very very ass kissy and doing most of my closing supervisor duties, we got out of there about 10:45 p.m. It was great. I'm really impressed with Tim. He's fast, he's accurate and he's really nice to the customers at the door. Love that kid.

So, while not the most exciting story of pizzadom, just know that EVERYONE decided that ordering in was the way to go. I stopped at the Mobil station by the store to get some Mt. Dew for everyone as a thank you for rocking the casbah, and the clerk there told me that he had *just* slowed down. He had been busy nonstop since 3:30 that afternoon and it was about 8:30 when I stopped for the drinks (and a pack of smokes). I told him that the same was true for us. It was crazy weird.

If I had had a driver last night and my cook/supervisor was on time, it would have been totally manageable. I would have just done backup driving for a few orders here and there to keep D and T on the road while C, Tui and myself kept the phones and line moving.

I'll write about the pepperoni shortage later. Just to keep it fresh and interesting for you all. :)

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