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10:07pm 15/08/2007
So, the pepperoni story. I had Saturday off, but one of the stores called C and asked if we had any pepperoni to spare. She called me and asked how much we should give them since we had 2 cases. Oh, well, if we have 2 cases, then we can spare a case.

That other case? It was salami.

*runs self through oven*

We've been scrambling the past two days for pepperoni. We finally got a case from another store, so that's good. And I get more on Friday. Yay!

Kind of an argument this evening with Miss since she got her ass handed to her this afternoon. She pretty much rocked out close to $1K in sales, for the most part, by herself. Luckily, the dough guy came in really early. She had already called in help from someone else, but since dough guy showed, all was well. That really upset her, that and last night. My hands are kind of tied here, I have to give this schedule within certain limits, I can't just schedule all kinds of people for anytime of the day or night. I wish I could, but I can't. We're having a powwow in the morning. And going through applications. hiring spree starts tomorrow. Fun.

Ok, back to payroll.
mood: not very happy
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02:32pm 16/08/2007 (UTC)
fermi_daza: dirty martini
When I worked at the pizza place, we always had one person on the schedule who was "on call" during the dinner rush, meaning they didn't have to come in unless they were needed during the shift. They had to make sure they were available to come in during the scheduled time (usually 2 - 3 hours).

Would that work for you?

Just a suggestion....

P.S. Why is C a supervisor? Sounds like she can't really handle the responsibility. Can you specifically hire a supervisor if there's no one on your staff that you think you can depend on?

Boo. This is sucky for you.
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04:14pm 16/08/2007 (UTC)
Sign Here: nestle
Well, if Miss wants to be Asst Mgr, getting your ass handed to you kind of comes with the job. Maybe you can help her re-think those busy days as opportunities instead of stressful events. After all, she needs sales to be up if she's ever going to get a promotion. So getting her ass whipped kind of benefits her.

Hrm, that almost sounded kinky. I'm sure you'll say it much better. ;)
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08:32pm 16/08/2007 (UTC)
We have an understanding that having your ass handed to you is part of the job. I expect it to happen, quite honestly. Well, I wish for it to happen, that means that things are going along great.

it wasn't a huge big deal, but you know, whatevs.

I'm sleepy.
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09:03pm 16/08/2007 (UTC)
Sign Here
Maybe it's a good to story to put in The Pizza Diaries. It could help flesh out her character? ;)

I'm sleepy, too. It's too hot. Time for a nap before any more lesson planning gets done.
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09:13pm 16/08/2007 (UTC)
Give me a call later when you wake up :)
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