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Perhaps we should let MTV in on the drama of this store

Then we could have a really great reality* show about life in a pizza place. When coworkers stop being polite and start throwing dough at each other.

Not that anyone threw dough at anyone, but it wouldn't have surprised me. That's just the kind of day it was. My lunch rush was pretty good and I had lots of help, so that was really nice. Not having to run around with your hair on fire while you make pizzas is always a plus. We got everything out on time and all was well. Yay!. Corpie came over (he's one of my bosses) just after my lunch rush, but he brought us some new pizza bags, which we desperately needed. We asked him if he brought a tomato slicer. He didn't. You see, in case I haven't mentioned it, they *finally* got us blades for a tomato slicer...but I don't have a slicer. I asked Corpie if he'd like me to slice the tomatoes with the blades. He just made a face at me. :)

He and I chilled out in the office for about an hour just talking about stuff both personal and work related. He's a nice, genuine guy. I enjoy hanging out with him. Especially when he starts speaking in French. Which is him saying Chateau Brignon or something over and over again. He left about 3 p.m. and I made a few phone calls about coming in on Sunday for me to hire them. Yay! 3 new cooks. One will be a driver once his car situation is all sorted. If he lasts that long. One of them sounds very promising as she has tons of management experience and sounds like a real "go-getter". So, I set that up for Sunday afternoon. I'll be calling three drivers in, too. I also have Jenny the B coming in to run deliveries and/or cook a few nights a week. That will help as she is mostly trained, just need to get her on the computer. Anyways.

Have our supervisor/management meeting a little late because we had to run the store while we waited for my late cook to show up. And we discussed stuff and lateness and other things and Miss kept harping on C for not showing up on Sunday morning or Tuesday night. C got pissed off about that and stomped out of the meeting. I had to call her back three times before she came back into the office. I just needed her to sign a piece of paper saying that she attended the meeting. *rolls eyes*

Miss takes off as she worked day shift, and J, C and I hop out on the floor and start making pizzas like mad people. Actually, I worked the phones most of the night. About 7 or so, C goes to J and asks if she can leave. We have about 8 tickets hanging on the rack and four orders waiting to be topped and put in the oven. And the phone is ringing again. J says that she can't go, we're busy, and I tell her that she can't leave before me. I have been in since 9 a.m., if anyone is going home, it's me. Guess who got to go home first? You guessed it, C.

She started her super slow motion bullshit. I made her stay for about 90 minutes after she asked to go, I finally let her go because I was getting so angry watching her stroll around, talk on her cell phone and pretend to be doing things. As she was portioning out cheesecake, I told her to go when she finished. Her speed about quadrupled and she was done in less than five minutes. Clocked out and walked out the door. I continued running around with my hair on fire, as did everyone else, but we rocked it. We rocked it so hard, it was great. About 9 p.m. one of my drivers, Hawk, tells me that this is his last run. I tell him that that isn't his decision to make. And he starts to pitch a fit, and I tell him that if he pulls himself off the road, then he is walking off his shift and he's quitting. He's done. He backs down after that, then starts on a different tack about how he's carrying the other two drivers, blah blah blah and I tell him, "Look. If C had been doing her fucking job, I could have hopped on the road and taken a few of these weirdo deliveries to keep you all on track and not get backed up at all. But, she's too busy screwing around, chatting on her cell phone and walking like a zombie that I finally give up and send her home, because I'm not going to pay her to stand around and look pretty. And he says, "But, I'm scheduled off at 9."
"And I'm scheduled off at 8. Just because you are scheduled until that time doesn't mean you get to leave at that time. You know this."
So, he pouts and leaves. I get back to making pizzas and keeping shit under control. We finally reach a lull about 9:30 or so and C comes in. She's carrying a piece of paper and goes into the office. She gets an envelope from the top shelf, puts the paper in and licks it shut. Hands it to me with such dramatic flair I felt she could have won a daytime Emmy(tm) for that performance. Seriously, it was fantastic. I had gone out with J earlier after I yelled at Hawk about this whole, "I'm leaving" bullshit and he told me that C was talking about quitting and going to Starbucks because they start you at some wage that is higher than this company and you get a raise in 30 days. And I just start laughing. She is consistently late for every shift. If she is there on time it's a fucking miracle. She is barely within uniform regulations for this company, I highly doubt she's going to get very far there. A huge fuckoff corporation is going to be a bit more strict about their policies. I've worked for these companies, I know how it is. At least, if it's a manager that is actually serious about enforcing these policies, but they also have bonus structures in place. Not to mention, this snail's pace bullshit is just not going to go over very well with under/over caffeinated people demanding their coffee. She thought *our* customers were bitchy, she has no idea how they are about their god damn half caf triple skinny macchiato venti with a twist of lime.

I wish her no ill will and all the best of luck, I also hope she realizes the awakening she's going to get for the real world. I gave her a great opportunity and she was too busy snorting coke, drinking every night, trying to win the love of Hawk (who, I found out, told her after like a month that he didn't want to do anything anymore because she wasn't old enough and couldn't hang out, blah blah blah, and that he didn't give a shit about anyone else, and he was only out for himself) who doesn't care about her. He only cares about himself. She let things go a little out of control and to top it off, I'm trying to instill a sense of responsibility in her (which, she did take care of the car situation) but instead it was parsed as being mean. I had faith that she would take to the responsibility and I was wrong. I still want to have faith in people, but for the most part, I'm not sad to see her go. I'm glad to be replacing her with someone who wants a job and who wants to work hours and actually work during those hours, not just text on her cell phone, or talk to her friends while she fucks up an order because she didn't bother to pay attention to the ticket because she was too busy chatting about some guy in history class or whatever.


It was still funny, though. Just...the drama.

This should stop the 4:30 a.m. phone calls, too. Thank goodness.

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