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Christ on a crutch, tell someone something is free, they act like they were never raised with social decorum. I saw old people scavenging for noisemakers, six packs of diet soda and various centerpieces. It was a rather interesting evening until I finally got a break about 4 hours later and went to go walk and realized that my knees were in total agony. It finally dawned on me, I had just spent the last two hours standing in a crouched position because the coffee cart was a bit too short for me to be using, and there was very little light (which seems to be a recurring theme when I do these catered events). So, I started to flex my knees whenever I could get a chance, that seemed to help a bit this morning, now i just have a little bit of back soreness from being in said crouch position.

The music was pretty good, until the disco started, but they stuck to the favorites and then that's when it went downhill. Lee Greenwood made an appearance. Well, not a real one, but his music reared it's ugly head. Finally, it was midnight, played Auld Lang Syne, then Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World, a few more songs and then...Last Dance. Thank god for that song. People know when to leave!! We got out of there by 1 a.m. which was nice. Got tipped $50, up from the $25 they were going to give us (cheap fuckers) and I should get paid for this event on Monday. All in all, not a bad way to spend the holiday. Besides, I had good eye candy watching one of the waiters walk around. Grrrowl. He had that perfect slight hunch to his shoulders that I love and really pretty eyes. *drool*

Helped the time go by, that's for sure. :)

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