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Oh, I didn't even get into the family stuff.

So, my aunt is going in for stent surgery or something like that, for her leg. But, there were other problems, la la la. The hospital lost her for a few hours. WTF? Anyways, she had more surgery today, but things seem to be going well. So, that's good.

I found out that my uncle, the one my best friend is dating, had a prostate biopsy. *sigh* After getting a diagnosis of Hep C, this is the last thing he needs. She goes in for her testing soon. I'm really hoping she's ok. But, I don't know how my mom found out about the biopsy because only my grandfather and H knew about this. So, I texted H to wish myself a happy birthday (I like to tease her because she *always* gets the day wrong) and asked about this procedure. She asked J who else he told and he said no one. So, we have no idea how my mom found out, unless my grandfather told her sister and then she told her. I swear that these people LOVE to keep their medical issues a secret. I don't understand why. So, H is apologizing profusely for not telling me and I say, "Look, it's a private issue, I understand. I wasn't asking you like I was upset, I was just worried is all. Let me know when you find out, well, if he wants people to know, but I am concerned."


Yeah, so that's my family!

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