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Abduction or Abscondtion?

I know that isn't a word, but it goes with the first one. :)

Anyways, uh, I don't know the last things I told you, but here is my Sunday:

Woke up, went to brunch. It was nice. No scrabble, though. I'm feenin' for some Scrabble. Need to make words and kick some nerd ass. Oh yeah. *flexes pizza guns*

Grab some laundry and head up to Dove Mountain to visit the ever lovely and vivacious April. Decided to go to Ross because I needed some new shoes. Got a couple of new shirts and the shoes (which are way too big for me, but they are cool. I'll probably do that newspaper stuffing of the toes thing, because they are pretty comfy) and a new pair of shorts for work. Then we just kind of hung around and watched TV and had tortilla chips and hot dogs and fresca and tab. Yes, I had tab. I haven't had a can of Tab in, well, probably since I was about 9 years old. 20 years. Wow. I didn't even know the shit was still around.

So, I'm drinking my Tab and eating my tortilla chips and watching Law and Order when the store calls. Big Sigh. I can't go in, I'm over 30 miles away and it would take me forever to get there to help out, and I'm getting ready to tell them that when I am informed that my closing cook disappeared.

"Yeah. He was here. He was doing some dishes or something and then, we looked back, and he was gone."
"Yeah. His glasses are still here, but his bag is gone. So, I don't think he was kidnapped."
"Well, it wasn't the Rapture since he clothes aren't there."

So, I tell him to deal, call someone else in if he needs to, but I can't get down there, I'm out of town. He calls someone in to close cook and all is well. My cook's friend came in yesterday, he's the dough guy, and I ask him what's up with his friend. Is he okay?

"He ditched in the middle of a shift. Just want to make sure he wasn't kidnapped or ran away from home or something like that."
"No idea. I'll call Jeannie and see if she knows what's going on."
And he does, and she doesn't know and I begin to worry a little bit, but not too much because, well, he's a grown man, not a little boy, so whatever. Found out today, he is alive and well, but I guess he couldn't handle the life of a pizza man. Just as well, his pizzas were terrible looking.

We cleaned our ovens last night, and, don't tell anyone, but we didn't use a NSF approved oven cleaner as the office was out of our usual cleaner. I refused to use the pro-citrus to clean the oven. I was NOT going to scrub that hard. I got the ok to go to the store and buy something. I found Kroger brand oven cleaner for $1/can. It was on sale. That shit was awesome. Sprayed it on, left it for about five minutes, gave a little scrub on some of the more baked on bits, and voila! shiny happy oven. Seriously, shhh, don't tell. :)

Almost slept through my meeting this morning, since I was up so late cleaning ovens. Got there in time, so that's good. Headed to the store because the computers were on the fritz. Probably because of the power going out 3 times yesterday morning. Yeah, fun. Right in the middle of my rush. The computers were being fixed right in the middle of my rush today. Yay! Got it done, it was fun. Then I left, fell asleep for about 2.5 hours, will probably be up for the next 10 hours because of it. Now i'm internetting and relaxing and all is well. I have 2 11 hour shifts for the next two days. Yay! They include some walking, so it should be ok. Oodelaley.

I totally spelled that wrong.

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