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I was rocking a major headache yesterday. I don't know what it was. I didn't have that much to drink on Thursday night, maybe two beers, three tops. No where NEAR drunk, just a nice pleasant relaxation thing going on. Anyways, I woke up Friday to a phone call from corporate that I neglected to turn in some paperwork for employees' change of status. Shit. I get up, drive over there, fill out the paperwork then go home and decide to paw through some papers on my table. I am not sure if one of my aunt's sent me two checks or one for my birthday. I *swear* I thought I had two, but I guess not. Maybe all my days and nights are blurring together. Well, actually, they are. Since all I do right now is work. *sigh*

Anyways, fall back asleep and get another phone call about getting one of my cooks to sign a paper that we are taking her paycheck to pay for those collect calls she received from her baby's daddy while he was in jail. All $80 of them. Dammit. Her check is just enough to cover the bill. After that is taken care of, I really don't need her anymore. Actually, that's not true. I'm down more cooks.

I'm down a dough guy, too.

See, he had some sort of abscess in his mouth. So, he made all kinds of dough on Thursday to get me through Friday because he was going to perform surgery on himself that night. He needed the three days off to heal. No problem. Except, problem. He drank an entire bottle of vodka, got violent with one of his friends, female friend who has her own drinking issues, and she wound up calling the cops on him. They show up, he gets busted for disorderly conduct and starts being not very friendly with them. He called me this morning, from the hospital. His shoulder is fucked. Great. He's down for the count for who knows how long. *sigh* I'll be scrambling this week and the next trying to get some dough coverage. I mean, in a way it's good, I get to show Miss how to do the dough, so that's a good thing. I can't even borrow a dough guy from one of the other stores because, well, they are short dough guys, too. *bangs head on the oven*

Right, so Friday, I call Miss and tell her I'm coming in late because my head is still killing me. I got some lunch at some point, and that dulled the pain a bit, but it was still rocking my skull. Finally, I need to get into work, because, well, it's the end of the month and I have to do payroll and inventory and blah blah blah. So, I go in and decide to make a pot of coffee instead of blowing my last $3 on a latte. The caffeine seemed to be the right thing to do. Thank goodness. The noise in there was making my head hurt even worse. So, I'm wandering around, not really wanting to do anything. I'm tired, my head is just now recovering, I'm battling nausea from the headache and people are just chattering at me. Ugh. I somehow managed to get inventory done in record time. Meanwhile, C and Hawk are arguing. She's upset that he isn't going to go to some high school party that she really wants to go to. Jesus Christ with the DeGrassi bullshit already. I told them as they were both leaving that I did NOT want any 5 a.m. phone calls. I will not answer the phone. I will put you on ignore. If I could, I would block the damn number. I get back to work and managed to get out of there before 1 a.m.

I had told Miss that I would open the store for her in the morning to cut back some of her hours and her kids are in town, so that way she could spend a little time with them in the morning. Turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. My day driver, A, is either back on the H train or just got off on the last stop and is detoxing again. His stomach is bothering him, he's got the runs, etc etc etc. I send him home, he's useless. About an hour after I send him home, I get 7 calls for deliveries and they are all over the damn place. I manage to get them all delivered in 90 minutes. Yes, remember, it's my day off. I had called two drivers to come in early, but neither returned phone calls. *sigh*

So, I do my end of day stuff and get Miss learning how to work on invoices and what not. She's getting paperwork training on Monday. She's also coming in early to get this stuff done and learning how to do dough. Which means, I have to cut one of her shifts later in the week to make sure she doesn't go into overtime. Probably do that on Wednesday or Thursday when I'm pulling a midshift. Great. So, no day off this week. I get to close tomorrow and open on Labor Day. I hate working holidays. I really do.

I'm sure there are a whole bunch of other things I'm forgetting to talk about, or just don't feel like talking about at this moment. But, you've got the gist of my weekend so far. Now, I'm with Char and we are going to have a drink and relax and be groovy. I like being groovy.

Oh, is there brunch tomorrow?

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