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I got to sleep in a bit, which was nice. Had some pancakes and did the Sunday NYT Crossword with Bryan and Char. Got a little nap in before work. Nice and quiet for a while at the pizza place and then the phones started ringing. I had all new people with me tonight with the exception of C and Hawk. (I'm writing this while I wait for the damn voice mail to pick up at the corporate office. *sigh*)

They held on pretty well. One of the new guys needs to get better at tossing out, but he's already way further along than I was when I first started tossing dough. I guess some people just have a natural ability for it or something. Anyways, no major mishaps this evening, it was nice. No drama, no nothing. It was almost like I wasn't at work. I guess the moon is in the right house or some shit. :)

Got to talk to my mom for a bit yesterday. It seems that my cousin, the mother of the twins, has gotten a job. And has been working it. And showing up on time. And and and...omg. I don't want to pass judgement, but, well, she'd been using the kids as a crutch for not working for a while, and it's nice to see that she's not doing that anymore. I hope not, anyways. Her mom is working way too hard for her to be sitting around the house all day "babysitting".

Anyways. Finally got through to corporate. I get to open in the morning, but I already have a head start on my Monday morning nonsense, so I can stop and get a latte before I head in for work. I like having a latte to start my Monday morning. Yay for me.

Love ya guys.

Oh! RG Monday evening, around 5 or so. I will be cheering on Florida State against the Clemson Tigers. Father vs. Son. Oodelaley. :) :) :)

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