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For some reason, the drama has been ebbing at work. It is making me tense. Caught Miss about to watch the history channel while taking a smoke break. I asked her why she just couldn't wait until she got home in about an hour. I don't understand this. At all. I am trying my damnedest to get her a fucking promotion and I feel like she's blocking it at every turn. I think I may need to talk to her about this. Seriously. This is getting to be bullshit.

I'm overdrafted and my direct deposit doesn't go in until Thursday instead of tomorrow because of a fucking holiday that I didn't even get off.

On a brighter note, I found out that I have vacation time. Vacation time. I mean, I have no money to take a vacation, but, the idea of having time off that is paid that i haven't had in so freaking long. It makes me cry a little. :) In happiness that is.

I think our weekly meeting went fairly well this morning. I bit my tongue on a smart ass comment that I wanted to make regarding the owner. The president was saying something about the owner respecting the hard work we do and blah blah blah. Yet, this is the same woman who cut the bonus program because we weren't working hard enough.

Kiss. My. Ass.

Anyways, she and her son (a right obnoxious douchebag) will be working at the downtown location. Getting trained from the bottom up. I feel kind of bad for J in that respect. Poor guy. I would like to hold out hope that the son will realize he was a dick in his poor tipping habits on FREE orders, but given the way the world works and what I know about human nature, I highly doubt this is going to happen. You see, he's also going to be doing some driving. Maybe he could come drive for my store. I'll be a right bitch to work for. CLEAN THE DRAINS BITCH! THAT'S FOR NOT TIPPING ME THE LAST TIME I BROUGHT YOU FOOD! CLEAN THE TOILET! SWEEP THE BACK PARKING LOT! THAT'S FOR MAKING ME MAKE A 1/3 PIZZA WITH 3 DIFFERENT SAUCES!

Ok, he didn't actually do that last one, but I have a feeling he would. Asshat.

Anyways, during the meeting we were discussing the fact that my store has no fountain drinks. Which is just ridiculous. I had asked if I would be allowed to get the means to at the very least, make iced tea. I have at least one request per day for it. And I feel so inadequate that I don't have everything all the other stores have. So, I was given approval, I just need to get the equipment. I'm going to go price stuff at Standard. Maybe Thursday (wanna go restaurant equipment shopping, Lisa?). Also need to check a few other places for things. Anyways, after making a snide comment about rubbing it in that I don't have fountain drinks, A pipes up that Pepsi is ready to go and just waiting for the word. The president said she would call today. I found out, she didn't call today. *sigh* But, at the very least, she's got that on her plate. Also, the remodel for the store. They keep telling us that we have all of this freedom with how we run our locations and yet I keep running into roadblocks. You want this store to become successful, give me what I'm asking for. Let me turn this into a fantastic location that can serve more than 8 people at a time.

Tie that together with the fact that I lost a SHIT TON of money for July, and well, I have no legs to stand on. Although, I could counter with the fact that I lose repeat business because people come in and are rather disappointed by the low quality of the surroundings, even though the food is good. Let's face it, not all of us like to go to dive bars, let alone dive restaurants, even though the service is great, the food is fantastic and the wait staff lets you choose the television station. We like things to look a certain way and feel a certain way. But, not all of us.

For example, I like Molly G's. That place is a true hole in the wall, but the food is good, the waitresses remind me of no nonsense truck stop heroines named Marge who will kick you out the minute you do something not very good, and it's pretty reasonably priced.

I am not that reasonably priced. And I have a store that looks like a hole in the wall. No wonder I don't have much repeat business.

Anyways. I'm just frustrated. But, that idea of vacation time just sits there, subtly teasing me like a new lover. Mmmmm vacation.

I think I had some other things that were swirling in my head, but i forget them right now. I am looking forward to thursday off. I think i may tell them that my phone won't be working that day. Call someone else to answer your questions. We'll see.

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