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ramble on

I have this horrid desire at the moment to listen to early 90s whine rock. Call me nuts. No, really, call me nuts. :)
Cleaned up the room today, helped Dave move and hung out with my cousin Amada. Good times. I am seriously procrastinating on writing this paper. HELP! I know as soon as I buckle down and do it, I'll be done with it in no time. Especially it's pretty much just answering questions (11 to be exact) in a 4 to 5 page paper.

I watched "Joan of Arcadia" tonight for the first time. I actually kind of like the show. The kid Adam is a little sweetie, just like this one kid I knew in high school. I got some of my books in today too, which was fun to get more packages, it's like christmas just never ends when you get to spend gift certificates :)

Just some food for thought though, why are we afraid to say or do things? Are we afraid of the change that will happen? Are we afraid that we may not succeed? Why do we fear these things? Give me your ideas on this matter. I'm trying to figure some stuff out.

I realized last night that right now my life isn't going the way I thought it would be and I caught myself complaining about it. I hate when I do that because I hate when other people do that. So, give me your thoughts on that one.

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