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Where to begin?

I'll be writing up some sort of "improvement list" or something for C. Give her a time limit and if these things are not improved upon, then she's busted back down to cook. It's not that she's a bad employee, but it's her senior year of high school and she's in AP classes and given that she doesn't know how to manage her time between trying to screw (or actually screwing, depends on who you talk to) Hawk, doing her homework and making SOME attempt to arrive at work ON TIME...well, there ya go. I completely lost track of what I was saying in there. Anyways, yeah, not so much a write up as a way for me to demote her with reasons that are concrete instead of, "you suck."

Because, while she has moments of not sucking, for the most part, it's just sucking.

Yesterday, we were supposed to have a radio station outside the store with their van and their stickers and tshirt giveaways and audio equipment and "We're outside the fantastically delicious pizza place and want you to come out here and say hi and get a sample of some awesome pizza and be all groovy and shit."

No, "Oh, we're sorry, no one got back to us, so we have no one to drive the van."
Bullshit. It's clear channel...you have one million minions working for you. Surely at least one of them is on the insurance.

Anyways, so they have confirmed for the next two remotes, but once again, my store is shit on. No one thought (at corporate level) to maybe promote the fact that we were having these events on Monday. But, they are going to do that for the other two stores. Two stores, mind you, that need no help in boosting their sales. Yeah. Thanks.

Anyways, the pres was freaking out, "Does Alica have enough staff? Are we gonna be ok?"
I only scheduled myself, Miss, the driver and the dough guy. That was it. Even that was a little too much. Labor was ridiculous. And, I swear it was SLOWER than it usually is on a Monday. That was the shitty part. I had a nice large order for 11:30 delivery and that was about it for big orders. Nothing more. Made me a little sad. Dammit. Then, C calls at 3:45 to find out who is closing the next night. I tell her J is the closer and she is wondering if he would switch shifts with her. I say, well, come in for now and we'll call him from here and see what's up. Since he's staying at a hotel, I can actually get a hold of him for the moment. Which is nice. 4:00 rolls around, no C. 4:15, 4:30...no C. I call her at 4:45, "Uh, did you get a hold of J? Is he coming in for you?"
"Then, why aren't you here?"
"I thought I was in at 5."
Keep in mind, it's 4:45. She thinks she is due in the store in 15 minutes. She has not left her house. It's almost 5 p.m. traffic. She isn't even ready yet. Do you see the problem here?

So, she shows up, almost a half hour later. I called J for her and he wasn't able to do it because his girlfriend was leaving town the next day and this was their last night together. I said that I understood. I told C the problem and that I would come back in and do the paperwork and what not for her, but she had to run the shift. That was fine. She said it was for a big AP English paper. She *just* got the assignment today. It was due the next day. Now, I know that some teachers can be a pain in the ass, but I never had a teacher assign a "paper". Essays, yes. Papers, no. Maybe she meant essay, I don't know. So, I took care of that for her. No big deal. But, this is just another example of how unreliable she is right now. I can't deal with it anymore.

Today was the meeting, as I may have mentioned earlier in this post, but I don't remember and I'm too lazy to scroll up. Afterwards, I was chatting with the president and we began discussing my store. I said, honestly, either we needed to move the place or really change it around inside. remodel the shit out of it. she has a broker who is looking for properties for her for my store. we discussed the pros and cons of two strip mall areas, possible restaurant location (beer/wine?), etc etc etc. I told her, that honestly, I *do* want to increase business to the store, but that I am embarrassed by the fact that I have no ice unless i go the convenience store across the street. People can see me getting ice for them out of a freaking party ice bag. That is just...unprofessional. It's like a yard sale or something. I want to have a full dining room every night. I would love to just have a cook be a server for the evening. Keep glasses full and people happy. I could turn that store into a true moneymaker if I had them behind me giving me the improvements that I need.

So, with her blessing, i am going to hire two more drivers, maybe three, I'm going to start running three drivers wednesday through sunday nights. After I do some marketing to businesses in the area (need to discuss with president about plan I am formulating) run two drivers during the day. If i can get this shit going, especially get the word out "up the hill" (north of Ft. Lowell off Swan-Craycroft) then I could really get that place jumping. Just be busy all night long and all day long and it would be fantastic.

Especially for a bonus. :) :) :)

Anyways, I *want* these things for the store. I want to prove to myself that I can do this. That I can really bring it up from the red headed stepchild to one of the top earners.

Lisa, I'm going to find out how to print up or gather the info on the deliveries for the past month and i have a map already, if you wanna help me plot it out one weekend day or weekday evening or something. Up for that? Could be fun times? :)

Ok, I'm off for a bit.

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