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I'm about to fall asleep  
09:00pm 19/09/2007
We have been so dead tonight I actually took an order for near the airport. We don't go anywhere near the airport. Hopefully, the guy gives the driver the hookup for taking that order. I switched the overhead music to Classical Masterpieces. I've been on a classical music kick for the past few days.

My driver for tomorrow morning has lost his car again. Guess who's driving tomorrow? ME!!!

At least I get some extra cash for that. Get some bills paid. Sheesh. And pay for some drinks at the Greek Festival tomorrow evening. Yay! Fried cheese and baklava!!

Hope you are all well. Give me a call if you want to go, should we meet up at Matt's house around 5:30?
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06:54am 20/09/2007 (UTC)
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Sounds like a good idea! :)
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