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So, I made a decision last night (well, yesterday afternoon really)...I'm moving to Naples (not Italy, the one in Florida). My friend Bobbie lives there and has a house with an extra room. She needs some help with the mortgage, I need to get out of my parents' house. It all works really. She can most likely get me a job where she works and it will pay more than this one. I will have actual responsibilities and won't be in this hell hole.
I decided that I just need to get out of WPB. I am going to be continuing with school, but now I will be on an online basis instead of going to an actual class, I think this might fit me a bit better as well. I'm going to be moving in February, probably the first week of Feb. I have to put in my notice here, and really, I'm not that sad to see it go, especially to the problem I walked into this morning.

This guy came in with a skin rash. That's it. He pays his hospital bill before he leaves (he has no insurance) and is told that he has to wait for the doctor's bill. He says, okay. He gets his doctor bill two months later for $300. His hospital bill was $86. They coded his treatment at a level 3, which is usually reserved for chest pains, ab pain, something that tests need to be run for. He had a skin rash, he was prescribed a pill and sent on his way, he was in and out of the ER in 30 minutes (miracle really). Seen by the doctor for about two minutes. $300 for two minutes. I would hate to see an hour's worth of time. Oh, and they charged him for coming in between the hours of 10pm - 8 am but do not pay the docs or PAs shift differential for working these hours. I know the docs make enough money, I've seen their cars and know they aren't hurting, but I'm all for fairness, and honestly, if you are working the 3rd shift, you should get a little bit of extra pay. Anyways, so I call the billing company and they say, "We won't change the bill."
"How about an audit?"
"No, the only way the bill can be changed is if the doctor makes some changes."
So, I'm thinking, okay, I look at the chart and there isn't really anything that can be "changed" and really, to me, it sounds like falsifying medical records. So, I'm in the process of calling about thirty different people to see what's going on and what can be done for this guy.

So, yeah, getting out of the medical field, health care sucks. I have to go see the doctors before i leave so that I can make use of my health insurance before I go back to no insurance again. Fun times. Well, he may have insurance at this company, i have to see how much it is though. But, I'm still going to take full advantage of what I have right now. :)

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