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Do I have victim stamped on my forehead?

I think that may be a possibility. My car was broken into last night. At my house. An area that I felt was safe. So safe I occasionally left my door unlocked. To my house.

Sometime between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. my car was broken into. They stole my old laptop. The funny thing is, I meant to bring it in last night, but had my hands full with dinner and my current laptop. So, I said, "Self, come back out later and get it." And, as you can see, I didn't. Now it's gone. And the cigarettes. Seriously, you just stole my computer...WHY ON EARTH DO YOU NEED MY CIGARETTES TOO???

Don't you, Mr. Thiefypants, have the thought that I'm going to need one after I discover that you, as a douchebag citizen, have stolen my property?

I hope to fuck I find that laptop in a pawn shop. I need to find the paperwork with the serial number so that I can call these places and ask them to please be on the lookout. I'll also be checking craigslist.

I am pissed. But, it's not throwing things around pissed, it's a silent anger.

On a happier note, he didn't steal my bank card. This is a good thing. I guess after scoring a really shitty laptop who needs a bank card?

I guess that's a happier note, too. That laptop is a piece of crap. It doesn't hold a charge to save it's life, the mouse button doesn't work, so you need to use a peripheral mouse, and well, it goes slow as molasses. Not to mention the freezing.

Enjoy the laptop, asshole. I hope you dropped it on your foot.

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