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It's 7 a.m., do you know where your sleep went?  
07:10am 24/09/2007
Yes, 7 a.m. I'm at work. I haven't been to work this early since I left the warehouse. Ugh. Although, it's nice and cool out. Nice change of pace. We got a shit load of prep done yesterday to get ready for today. I just hope that my supervisor last night remembered what I said about produce order and did it correctly.

Anyways, I was here until almost 9 yesterday, just finishing up the prep, taking deliveries and helping the dough lady get the sauce and cheese done. Busy busy busy. Met up with Char at the RG for a drink and chicken fingers. Yum. Thumper was there and he's grown his goatee out. He was doing weird twistie things with it. It looked like he was starting dreads or something. Ew. Then, this morning I was leaving the drive thru coffee place and saw him again. He lives right behind the coffee shop! Ha! Small town I tell ya.

Ok, time to weigh the cheese, count the wings and desserts and start tossing out 62 pizzas. Oh boy.
mood: sleepy
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