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Well, we got the order out, but it was late. Of course.

I swear, one day, I'll be able to handle a huge order like that and get the shit out on time. Part of it was that D didn't show until almost 10 a.m. I asked him in to help out specifically and he shows up all late in the day. *sigh*

Why is it at Bentley's, you are almost ready to get up and get something to eat or drink and all of a sudden there is a line? Why? At least the pasta was good, but I want another cup of coffee and perhaps a piece of chocolate cake. Mmmm cake.

We're cleaning the ovens tonight. Yay!

I am taking tomorrow to do some laundry, and then I'm going to see if I can find a nice rubber stamp that looks like a bow. This is all part of my marketing plan to get the office buildings in my area. I've already started loading up the day with my normal driver and then a cook/driver. I just need the cook/driver to understand that their first job is cooking, they are only backup and our ability to take more than one order every 15 minutes. I am just hoping that this fall/winter is insanely busy so that I can make a freaking bonus. That would be nice.

Ohh, no line, brb.....

Mmmmm cake.

Heather and I have been talking about meeting up soon, as soon as either of us has money, that is. Funnily enough, it's cheaper for her to go to Vegas than to come here. We make take a few days and go to Vegas and hang out, eat cheap buffets, get free drinks while playing penny slots and take lots of pictures. Yay pictures! We'll see what happens with that.

I had a good time hanging with April on Saturday afternoon. It was nice to just relax. Of course, I relaxed a bit too much and fell asleep when I went home and uh, missed Brian's show. :( SORRY BRIAN!

I got a new book, Predator, it's about a serial rapist. Good stuff. I think Char has just finished the book she was reading, perhaps I'll lend it to her. Keep her on her True Crime binge. Ok, I need to do stuff. Or something.

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