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Long time no see

Let's see, what's been going on? Used my day off to do payroll and inventory, that was fun. Actually, I got through everything fairly quickly. That was a real nice change of pace. I even had time at work on Monday to finish inventory (enter it onto the spreadsheet, that is) and it's all done. One less thing to do. Of course, they just gave us our P&L statements. I did terrible in August. Lost over $2K. *sigh*

Monday morning I received the call from corporate that I won the football pool. Yay! $46 for little ol' me. That's fun and exciting. Today meeting let us know that our congratulations party (for 19th year in a row being the best and all) is tentative on 10/23 at Bedroxx. Yay! I can only bring a boyfriend, husband or kids. I have none of these things. So, I'll be going solo. That's ok I guess. I shall miss my skeeball buddy, that's for sure. Maybe I'll just play some pool or just sit around or something. I think I just tweaked my back tonight at work. It's not feeling too happy. Luckily, I'm just training T as a supervisor, so I don't really have much to do tonight. Just point and grunt.

Oh, HAM, you'll love this, we got a new tomato slicer. First they just bought me the blades. I repeatedly told Adam that I didn't have a slicer, just that thing you bought that doesn't work at all. Didn't believe me. So, I get the blades and I ask him what I'm supposed to do with them if I have no slicer. I now have a slicer. I will miss cutting tomatoes by hand, but oh well, this does got a bit faster, when it doesn't get jammed up.

I'm taking 4 days of vacation the weekend before Halloween. I need four days off. Just four days. First day, lounge around doing nothing. Second day, start with going through all clothing and purging that which doesn't fit or look good or whatever and clean my bedroom. Get it all shiny and stuff. Day 3 - living room and bathroom. Day 4 - kitchen.

Oh yeah. I am going to rock when my house is all kinds of nice and put together.

I'm rambling at this point. I better get going, have to create the cheat sheet for T so he has something to reference when I'm not here to answer questions.

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