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Pay Day

Did I mention that I won the football pool for the company? That was nice. If I did mention it, please forgive me. My brain is kind of like swiss cheese right now.

I had to work Wednesday night. I could have called in this one guy to drive, but he would have gone into overtime. I've got him working close to 40 hours already this week and the next, he does all closes, but he doesn't mind. Weirdo. That money Wednesday night was nice. Kept me in gasoline and eegee's. I do love my strawberry lemon eegees.

Have I mentioned that I hate listening to the music at work? I'm changing the station right now. Now it's on the Blues station. Aaaahhhh. Pizza making blues.

Got paid today, paid up some bills and...bye bye pay check. Oh well. I have a little left over, I may be able to actually get some groceries so I can stop eating out all the time. Maybe I'll finally make something in the crockpot. I should use the damn thing after all.

I ran a couple of deliveries tonight, nothing major, had to take some pizzas out to the Zoocson Event at the Reid Park Zoo. 14 pizzas. I think 4th Ave took about 8. Ours looked better, I'm sure. Especially since I made most of them. Alica <---makes pretty pizza. The one delivery I took because all three drivers were out on triples was only a $2 tip. That was 10% though.

I'm looking forward to my days off. The thought of relaxation makes me feel so happy that it's carrying me through all of this right now. Yay for me. I've been hitting a kind of depressive point lately. Been close to tears a few times, always when I'm alone though, so at least I don't look weak to the staff. Although, I think it would be pretty funny if I just broke down in tears at work during a dinner rush.

"What's wrong?"
"I don't know! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

I stopped for a drink on my way back from the first zoo run and this dad was making his daughter cry because he wouldn't buy her the candy she picked out. He did snatch it out of her hand though. That wasn't very nice. He said to her, "You better stop crying, you're embarassing yourself."

She's four, I don't think she knows what embarassment is yet. It was he who was embarassed I'll bet, especially since he was surrounded by women. I felt kind of bad for the little girl. Oh well, not my kid. I'm sure she got some of the Reese's pieces he was buying though. Otherwise, that would just be cruel and inhuman and I'm calling CPS.

I'm rambling. Better get back to work. Gotta cut the last cook and it's only an hour and half until close! Yay!

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