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Let's just start

Where to begin? So, I did about two weeks of closes at the store, shaping up the night crew, making them understand what they were needing to do, helping the closers get closed a little sooner than usual. All in an attempt to bring some labor costs down and make them understand their duties. So, I get to hear this lovely nugget of news: Miss has been screwing around on her day shifts. Especially if she has a lot of extra people that day, then she just lets them do everything and she goes and watches tv, takes extra smoke breaks, hangs around in the office talking on her cell phone.

Uh. That is NOT what I wanted to hear. So, I asked around to a couple other people and they told me the same things. I asked, "So, how are the morning shifts going without me here?" and it was usually the same, "Oh, I'm having to do all of this and that and the other and she isn't doing anything."

It explains why prep is rarely done. "I was really busy." I look at the numbers and wonder, "Uhhh, how was *this* busy? Especially when you had someone here with you." Because, I try to not schedule my supervisors by themselves. Just in case. Especially on my days off. I staff up in case someone doesn't show or whatever. Whereas on Monday, I was by myself. It wasn't that busy, so it wasn't that big of a deal, but it was just busy enough that I couldn't really do any prep work after 11:30 a.m. My dough person was more whiny than anything. "I can't hear him on this phone!!!"
"So, put him on hold. Go to the front. Take the order there."
And what does she do? She continues trying to take the order from the phone in the back. *bangs head on the cappuccino machine* Then, the guy hangs up in frustration because she won't do the one simple thing, which is, answer the phone, put them on hold, go to the front, take the order. Ta fucking da! Commence whining about having to answer that phone. I just looked at her while I'm in the middle of four tickets and the phone ringing again and said, "Then answer the phones in the front. There is nothing that I can do about the phones. And tuck in your shirt and put on your hat and name tag."
"I have my name tag on."
I was so pissed the rest of the shift. Which then downshifted into utter chaos from 4p-8p. I wound up staying until about midnight. 9 a.m. until midnight. Yeah! I had to drive Monday night because we got 24 deliveries in less than 4 hours with only 2 drivers. Not gonna happen. Got them all out, only a few were really late.

What else is going on at work? Oh, yeah, so, I have this one person, Jhez, who I bumped down to one day a week because, well, she sucks. She is constantly trying to call out of her shifts. She called me at home last week to find out why she was only on the schedule one day a week. I told her that this was not an appropriate time to talk about this and she could come talk to me at work or during her shift that week. So, her shift rolls around and she calls to verify that she is scheduled at 4, i tell her yes and she starts with some story about how she's on the east side of town and la la la la.
"Are you going to be late?"
"I might be a few minutes late."
"That's ok, thank you for letting me know." Then I hang up.
She calls abut 4:15 and tells me that she has lost her house keys and she is only wearing sandals and la la la la la again.
"Is that okay?"
"Is what okay?"
"Can I just wear sandals to work?"
"No, you need proper shoes."
"Oh, well, I don't have my house keys but my brother in law has some but he lives on the east side..."
"Uh huh. Find a solution, you need to be at work."
I was *not* letting her call out. So, she arrives 20 minutes later in shoes and a shirt. Amazing. Then proceeded to do some work, which was a nice change of pace from the norm. However, she didn't do the out work that I asked of her and I didn't realize it until she had already clocked out, because I was still in the middle of a mini rush.

So, that's the saga of Jhez. I gave her two shifts next week. We'll see what happens. I'm waiting for her to finally talk to me about it and I will let her know, but well, she's pretty much almost out the door. I need about one more incident before I can do a warning for her and put on there, "One more call out from any scheduled shift and you will be terminated unless there is documentation to support why you are needing to call out."
Oh yeah, she's gonna be gone. Yay!

Personal wise, I guess I'm ok. I'm working too much again. I've been thinking about it and it's mostly because, I don't feel like being at home. It's a disaster area. So, these four days can't come soon enough. Maybe I'll be able to find some way to enjoy being home again. I don't know if it's the loss of the television and the internet together that have totally killed any desire I have to be there. Am I too dependent on distractions? Maybe I should just dig out my radio/cd player so I can at least have that for a bit of a distraction. Take up sewing or painting again. Anyways, if you made it through all of that, wow, I commend you. Now, I'm going to watch The Office and Ugly Betty and maybe eat a sandwich. Mmmm. Sandwich.

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