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Let's start with Saturday evening (I think) when Jhez stumbles over to Miss and Tui's little apartment neighborhood (it's this little commune of about 10 duplex apartments and a teeny pool) and is seen by Tui trying to climb the back gate of Miss' apartment. He tells her to stop since Miss isn't home, she's out of town helping her mom for the weekend. She then says that she wants to come into Tui's house. He says ok. She goes in, with her baby, and I guess she says something to Tui's wife and proceeds to punch her in the face. Tui is holding her baby and his kids are there in the house, too. It's about midnight when all this is going down. His wife proceeds to get Jhez under control and then drives her back to the party from whence she came. It seems that they dropped her off at this little apartment area, dumped her diaper bag and purse near the bushes where they dropped her off and went back to the party. Jhez had told Tui's wife that she needed her purse and diaper bag and she left it at the party so they went to go get it. Of course, it wasn't there. She proceeds to grab another drink and they tell her to leave, she isn't welcome there anymore. She demands her things and they tell her where they are. They leave and go back and sure enough, there they are. His wife then takes Jhez home to make sure that she and the baby get there ok.

Did I mention the three month old that was at a party where his mother was drinking and doing Special K? Perhaps, if I didn't, you should know that there was a 3 month old. A baby. A three month old baby. *rolls eyes*

So, fast forward to Monday morning. I'm at work with Alexa, Tui's cousin in law, and she tells me that Miss and Tui are hanging out with Jhez like nothing happened and that they are all, "Awww cut her a break." and what not. Turns out, they weren't. She showed up and asked to use Miss' phone, which she let her use, and then starts asking if they have beer or weed. Miss tells her no, especially not at 9 in the morning. Yes. NINE A.M.

Then, on Tuesday, Jhez comes into work. Meaning, she comes to the store to tell me that she needs to quit because she's being evicted and has no resources and blah blah blah. I'm listening to her with a very disinterested look on my face. I don't really care. You know why? Because she is a fucking alcoholic drug addict who is letting her boyfriend use her as a punching bag. I'm all for helping people who are down and out, but not when they put themselves there in the first place. And honestly, I don't need this kind of trailer trash drama at my store. No thank you. So, I ask her then if she is going to be able to work her shift that evening or to even finish out the week as I have her scheduled for two shifts. She says that she should be able to. She will tell her boyfriend that she has to work tonight from 4 to 8. Great. I don't put much stock in this response. She proceeds to go over to Miss and say, "If you don't want to be my friend anymore then you should have just said something to me."
"I'm at work right now. This is not an appropriate time or place to discuss this."
"You should have just said so."
"I never said that and I am telling you now that I am not going to talk about this right now. I'm at work."
Jhez storms out. Miss is superfrustrated. Have I mentioned that this is in the afternoon about 2 hours before I'm even supposed to come in to work. I've been trying to leave for the past ten minutes but people keep pulling me around in every direction. So, Miss and I go outside to have a smoke so she can cool down for a minute. We see Hawk pull up in his car. I've taken his parking space so he pulls in one of the farther away ones. And he's just sitting there. Whatever, there are no deliveries right now, so it's fine. He can chill in his car for a moment. Then, out of nowhere, C shows up. In her huge fuckoff 89 Volvo. She SLAMS on the brakes and shut the car off. There are still treadmarks there. Hawk was about to get out of his car and then gets back in and starts to put the car in reverse. She jumps in front of his car and screams, "YOU CAN TALK TO ME RIGHT NOW!"
Miss and I look at each other. I'm torn. I should put a stop to this, because well, it's highly unnecessary drama. On the other hand, it's pretty fucking funny.
Miss says, "I better put a stop to this."
So I let her go. She goes to C and says, "He's on my clock. You can't do this right now."
C leaves after shooting probably the dirtiest look I have ever witnessed in my life, revs her car started and peels out of there. I kept waiting to hear the crash with a dumpster further down the alley. I just look at Miss and Hawk in complete disbelief.
"What the fuck was *that* all about?" I ask Hawk.
"Some guy sent her a message on Myspace telling her that I was out with some girl or whatever at a bar downtown. I was out with this girl and like five other people. She's a friend, that's all!"
I just shake my head. Hawk bums a smoke from Miss. He quit, but I think in this case, it's a good idea to have a smoke. Now, C was to be my closing cook for Tuesday night. I knew after this that there was no freaking way she was going to be coming in. And if she did, she was going to be useless. I would have to keep her away from the counter and off the phones because she was going to be really bad, worse than usual, with the customers. I've worked with her long enough to know her moods. This one was gonna be really bad.

I decided to call one of my other cooks who is pretty good and know that he needs some hours. He agrees, as long as it isn't a closing shift, and I tell him that I won't do that to him, I just need some help in case it gets busy. Of course, it doesn't get busy because it's Tuesday night, but I know that if I hadn't called him in I would have been royally screwed.

So, Hawk and C have made up. Although, this evening she was showing me a picture that someone sent her from their myspace page. I'm telling you, Myspace is evil. It is a picture of Hawk and some other chick. I can't see the chick's face, but C wants to know if I think it looks like they are kissing or not. I tell her that, no, it doesn't. It looks like he is talking closely to her, and they are in the middle of a loud bar, so it's perfectly understandable. That seemed to soothe her somewhat. *shakes head*

Crazy fucking psycho that one.

In other news, not quite pizza drama, but food related. I spent 5 hours in a health certification class for Pima County so that I am now certified to handle food and not have the cooties. Yay! I froze my ass off and wrote funny notes to Miss who was taking the class with me. Very exciting. I get to send J and Tui next month. Sounds like it's gonna be all kinds of good time fun for them. Ok, I am tired just writing all that. Have a few other internet type things to do and then, I get to go home and go to sleep. I am sleepy tired.

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