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(no subject)  
04:18pm 28/10/2007
For whatever reason today, I found myself thinking about one of my very early birthday parties. I can't explain why I was doing this, but I was and I had a little smile come onto my face.

I remember it was at our first home (before my parents bought the one they have now) and it wasn't the best place. There were snakes outside, sometimes scorpions came in. We had the occasional rat. It was a slum. But, it was set off from the road, there was a farm house in the back and another little ramshackle place in front of us. Our little complex was hidden from the main road by a very large hedge. And all dirt driveways. Ahhhh Florida in the early 80s. That whole area now is a storage unit place. That is depressing.

I digress. So, I remember the party. I had this bright yellow t-shirt on with some sort of funny picture and saying, but the shirt didn't stay on long. Neither did my shoes. I still hate wearing shoes to this day, even though I love buying them and trying them on. I remember my grandfather being there. Salem in one hand and rum and coke in the other. I don't think he ever had an unlit cigarette at any point that day. He still does that, but it's more forgetting where he put it down. So he lights up another one and then finds the other one he had lit.

I'm going all over the place today. Too much time off, apparently.

Right, so there was grandpa, and the yellow shirt. And some sort of toy phone. It wasn't the one where you pull it and the little eyes go up and down. It was like a princess phone, you know, the kind with cords and plugs into a telephone jack and you couldn't move more than two feet. I think there is a picture of me with the cord stretched across my face. Just being silly. You know how little kids are.

I remember all the family hanging around and being awesome and laughing and having fun and drinking heavily (the keg didn't arrive until my 16th birthday) and it was just a good day. I remember trying to put my shoe (a flip flop no less) into the cake and my mom stopping me in time. I remember smearing cake on my grandpa's face. He just looked like he needed some cake on his face and I was happy to oblige.

It's a happy memory. I'm glad I thought of it.
mood: nostalgicnostalgic
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(no subject)
06:04pm 29/10/2007 (UTC)
I like this memory. Thanks for sharing it.
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