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12:56pm 04/11/2007
So, Halloween was crazy busy. Which is good. I had three drivers and things went mostly smoothly, I only had one asshat customer the whole night. I can't even get into this guy because it's too long of a ridiculous story of a guy with a small penis trying to make himself out to be some sort of sex god with a lot of money who had to have his father call in his credit card to order his broke ass a pizza while he shacked up with his sister or cousin or mother brother or whatever at the La Quinta. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.

Thursday was just more ridiculousness and for whatever reason I neglected to let my Friday closer know to order extra produce. So, we're almost out of that. As of today that is. Saturday my store was supplying the Bookman's Party in the Park. When D&A put together the order, they didn't think it would be that busy. So, they said, "Just 64 pizzas ought to do the trick. Deliveries times 90 minutes apart, about 12 pies per order." Sure, no problem.

Problem. EVERYONE wanted pizza. There weren't tons of food vendors for one thing, I think we were the only pizza vendor there and well, we've got the best in town. So, I spent the better part of the day between the store and the event driving pizzas and plating and dealing with an angry mob. The worst part was at about 5:15 when we were out. Of evertyhing. I had an order on the way of about five pizzas while they continued to crank out more. I had to break the rules and have my 17 year old cook, Andre, bring me orders. I gave him money out of our tip jar (which we put up after people just kept leaving money on the table) to cover his mileage. I didn't need the financial lady knowing that I sent someone out of the store who shouldn't be on the road. Yeah. Miss and C kicked so much ass getting pizzas out to me all day long. I didn't get to eat until 10 p.m. last night. Yes. 10 in the evening. I had been going since 9 a.m. I managed to get a beer in at one point. After D and Lori ditched me with the president for about an hour. That was great fun. *rolls eyes*

Both Miss and I put in close to 13 hour days yesterday. My muscles are aching, my eyes are tired and we did $2500 in business. 79 pizzas from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on top of the normal business which was busy because of Homecoming. And UofA won their game. That made it even crazier.

I am out of dough, sauce, cheese, produce...everything. And I've never been happier. At least for a moment.

Tonight is all souls. I'll be going, but I'm passing on having dinner at the MGP this go around. I don't want to show my face there. I'm afraid they'll beg me to work. And I don't want to. I'm guarding this day off with my life.
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