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All Souls and Monday

I wasn't feeling it last night. I think because of Saturday, I was just wiped out. I found myself looking at all of the people there and just wanting to sneer at them. It was nice to see Matt and Char and Bryan and Lisa and Cam, but...even with the love of friends I couldn't get lifted out of my funk. I really think it was just exhaustion that made me feel so ornery.

I came into work this morning with a deferred order that I had no idea about (nothing like letting me know when you have me on the phone at the end of the night) and a ringing phone. I then discovered I had exactly 2 tubs of cheese to get through the rest of today and most of tomorrow afternoon. Oh shit. I call 4th Ave. They are out of EVERYTHING. Except pepperoni, which I discover I need later on in the day (I too was out of almost everything).

Then I call the other two stores on the east side, they have what I need, but I'm by myself and have no way of getting down to either store. So, I tell them I'll get there when I can. Thankfully, D needed to steal some olive oil from me, so he came over and helped me out through a sticky lunch rush. Everything got out on time, but I was still unable to get to the stores, so he went for me (of course, he didn't bring me tea, bastard). The rest of the day was just a clusterfuck. I had to get my inventory numbers in, my P&L done, my usual paperwork and wait for my event sales. *bangs head on the oven* It's now closing time. I've been here all day. But, I made $10 to close for Jesse. Hey, I need the cash and he wanted out. I had to be here anyways, right? It doesn't take me too long to close, so I really had no problem doing it. But, I did lay a bit of a guilt trip on him anyways.

Miss called me about 3:45 asking about paychecks and I said they were at the store, then I looked over to my seat and realized I had brought them with me to the bank. I told her they were in my car and she said, "Don't play with me. When are you going to have them?"
"Listen. I've had a really shitty day, so this is not the time. I will be back at the store in 15 minutes. Fucking deal." and hung up.

So, I've been in a miserable mood the past few days. And, after talking to A about yesterday, I'm glad I didn't poke my head in to see how they were doing at 4th Ave because I would have been yanked in to help out. They shut down about 30 minutes early because they were out of cheese. They had six pounds left. It was insanity. His store did $13K in three days. THIRTEEN THOUSAND.

Thanks to the event on Saturday I actually made a profit. I don't know if this mood is worth the profit, but I am just hoping that I can get something going for this month so I can get some sort of bonus. I need money like fucking whoa.

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