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I had a good idea for a pun

but, like most things, I have forgotten it. Ah well. I'll leave the puns to the professionals, like Matt.

Had my ass handed to me twice yesterday (Friday). We were so busy, it was ridiculous. It was a little easier to handle in the evening since I had so many people working. I left a little after I was scheduled and headed home to get ready for Plush. I laid down for about twenty minutes, forced myself up and into the shower. Then it was the big decision: comfy pj pants, cup of tea and writing or watching Brian and others play at Plush. Plush won out. But just barely. So, I made myself smell all nice and headed to Plush. I think I only missed one of Brian's songs. Then I was treated to a kazoo rendition of "Little Houses" (the opening theme song to "Weeds"). Complete with sing along in four part harmony.

I left a little after 11. I could barely stand up I was so exhausted. I made it into work today only 10 minutes late (yay me!) since I stopped to get some coffee. It's been a fairly slow day, with little rushes here and there. No UofA game this week, so things are going to be slower. I have the next game day off. I can only hope that things will be busy enough that it's worth all the people I have scheduled. Which reminds me, I need to reprint the schedule, I highlighted the wrong day for pay period end. Oops.

I'll probably send my one supervisor home in about a half hour. One very bad thing that happened yesterday is that my day driver took the deposit and for some reason neglected to bring back the deposit bag. With $200 of change in it. :| I am not a happy camper. As of right now, I am $209.22 short from yesterday. I've called him a few times today and he hasn't returned any of my calls. He's supposed to be coming in tonight for a few hours of drive time. He better have my money or I'll go ODB on his ass. Yeah. *flexes pizza guns*

Ok. I've hidden in the office long enough, time to get some people ready to go home, but first a smoke, a quick glance at the scores for football and then he can go home. Yay! Oh, and I get to see April tomorrow. YAY!! LATTES FOR EVERYONE! maybe.

:) :) :)

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