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It's funny how in less than three hours the winds of change sweep through and what was a somewhat enjoyable Saturday became me pissed the fuck off.

Let's see. Dough girl had about four personal phone calls (all answered by either me or Tui), three visits from her ex-boyfriend during her shift, two calls for another supervisor who wasn't on shift yet aaaaaaand two calls for another supervisor who had the day off.

That is 8 personal phone calls that I got to field for other people. When did the store become an answering service. Not to mention the phone calls for the closer last night DURING the dinner rush. The one call I let him take was from his grandmother because she's calling long distance, and well, she's a grandma. I have a soft spot for grandmas. I let him take the call. He manages to get off the phone fairly quickly with her (which is good because my patience was shot at this point) because while he's on the phone with his grandmother, Miss was outside chatting with his ex-girlfriend. While on the clock. Uhhh...what?

She comes back in from her little chat with his ex and sees me tossing out at the toss table. "Go home."
"Oh, I'll go home after everyone is finished with their socializing for the evening. It's not like this is a business or anything."

I guess that pissed her off because she left shortly thereafter. Of course, this was after telling me again to go home. You want to piss me off further? One way is telling me what to do as far as whether or not I should be going home or whatever. Secondly is to keep asking me if something is wrong, especially after I tell you that nothing is wrong. Third, being a douche.

There are others, but they are so numerous I dare not even attempt to go into it right now. Anyways, she then gets a phone call from a disgruntled customer who isn't getting the answer he wants. I take over the call. While I'm on the phone with the guy, she clocks out and leaves. Uhhh...excuse me? You might want to wait until I am finished with this guy so you can understand how to handle this if it ever comes up again. I guess she knows everything and has no need for that. Oh I was so pissed off.

And the guy was a douchebag to boot. See #3. :)

Anyways, now I am at Bentley's enjoying my day off. I only have two drivers scheduled tonight, one of them is Earl the Wonder Slug. That's about as fast as he goes. And my other driver is Mr. Speedypants. So, unless he gets hung up with a run up the hill, things should go ok. I told him that if *HE* feels that things are starting to back up, that he should call me. I don't trust Miss to actually do that. Trying to "protect" my days off and everything. Yet, there is no hesitation on Wednesday to call me in. *rolls eyes*

When it's convenient I suppose.

I'm still angry and just in a general bitchy mood and i have this random back ache. Probably because I need a new mattress. Can't afford it, but I could use it. I'm half tempted to just get an air mattress and use that. Or start sleeping on the couch. It's pretty comfy.

Ok. I'm going to stop rambling and watch The Office.

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