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it wasn't a rock/it was a rock lobster *shimmy*  
07:26pm 12/11/2007
That's just the song that was on a few minutes ago on the overhead music here. I had it on Classic Country earlier today, but C wasn't feeling it, so I switched it.

I'm still at work, I'm covering for the midshift driver. I needed some cash, which doesn't seem to be coming in too quickly. It's pretty slow today. Had a nice morning rush, then all kinds of time today. I actually had the paperwork done by 3:30 today. It was great. But, had to stay to cover driving. I bet if I had left, it would have been insanely busy.

We made a miniscule profit last week, but a profit is a profit, non? Of course, it's going to all be eaten by the work I've had done here this month. So that's always fun. :|

I had a very relaxing day yesterday. I hung out with Matt and Bryan over some Scrabble (tm), we all won a game. Then I met up with April after I finished my downloads and we headed over to the RG to break diets and drink beer. The owner of the MGP showed up while we were there. Joined our little party. Turns out, ready...she knows the Thumper. Such a fucking small town. Anyways, it was interesting to talk to her about nonwork things. Although, I think April was enjoying some of the pizza stories we were batting back and forth. What was amazing to me was that she didn't know how much restaurant employees gossip. I guess because I've done this kind of work off and on for years I just assumed everyone knew that everyone gossiped about everyone else.

I got called in to work for about an hour. I had been expecting the call, what with Earl the Wonder Slug working, it was no surprise that they got backed up on deliveries. Especially when he switched two deliveries and gave people the other people's order. yeah, good times. *bangs head on the oven*

Lost the football pool again. That is sad times for me. Maybe I can get in on it this weekend. I just didn't see all those upsets happening. Dammit.

Ok, need to do some dishes and think about getting out of here for the night. My feet are slightly achy.
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