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Federal Pound You In The Ass Prison

I can't find my copy of Office Space. This makes me very sad. If I lent it out to you, can you let me know so I can stop being sad?

I think T-day I may be doing some cleaning and writing and cat-bathing. Sounds like fun, no? Maybe get some dinner from Boston Market. Yeah.

The C and Hawk drama isn't even worth going into. I *did* get to pull an open to close on Saturday thanks to J, my long haired supervisor. His mom was in the hospital. You know, he came in today and didn't even apologize. That was some bullshit right there. He's got Miss working an open close tomorrow because he has some family thing to go to in Vail. Slacker.

I have also discovered that Advil P.M. doesn't work for me. That sucks.

I started rereading Harry Potter 7. I am a dork.

I have absolutely nothing of interest to say right now. That is sad.

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