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soooo, remember about saturday?

So, J, my supervisor, called out Saturday because his mom was in the hospital with low blood pressure. I pulled an open to close shift and wasn't happy about it, but that's my job and that's what I do and there you go.

Turns out...


It was all bullshit.

It's amazing the things you find out when people are pissed off.

Oh, but it gets better.

I shall start from yesterday afternoon.

J comes in to work his shift (and this was in question since he hadn't called in on Sunday to give an update or anything like that) and was doing that thing like when you scold a puppy and they try to nose you and get your approval again. You know, that thing? Except, I could see it was bullshit.

I asked him how his mother was, he said she was fine (I'm guessing that this isn't bullshit since as far as we all know, she wasn't in peril on Saturday evening). I told him that I was not very happy at the moment. Especially since I had to give up my plans for a Saturday night on top of working a 15 hour shift. Not. Happy. He apologized and left the office. I went back to making the schedule (which I am going to have to completely rearrange) and he came back into the office about fifteen minutes later.

"Hi, Alica."
"Nothing, just saying hi."
"Uh huh. No, you are saying hi like you want something. What do you want?"
"Well, I have this family thing tomorrow out in Vail..."
"So, I kind of can't work tomorrow night."
"Really? Fascinating. I'm not working for you."
"Find someone to cover your shift and you can have it off."
"I can ask Tui."
"No. No you can't. He's already at 39 hours."
"Oh. I can ask Miss."
"Sure, you can ask her. But, she opens on Tuesdays. You willing to work her shift in return?"
"Well, I don't know if I can do that."
"Call her and see what she says. But, I am *not* covering for you. I already did that Saturday and I am taking all three of my days off this week."

So, he calls Miss and she agrees on the condition that I approve it and that this is indeed family related. He says it is and so, she's working a double today. Hey, it's her health.

I get a call this morning from Hawk. He isn't feeling well and wants to go home.
"I can't come in for you today. You're going to have to call Shar or Chris to come in for you."
"What about Tim?"
"If Tim is willing to take deliveries, then that's fine. I don't know how well his car is holding up, so I can't guarantee that he'll do it for you. But, just find some coverage and then you can go home."

I get a call ten minutes later from Miss. "My day driver is quitting."
"He's quitting."
"He told me he was sick. I told him to find coverage and then he could go. Now he's quitting?"
"He says he can't do it anymore. He's done. He's tired of it and he's not making any money."
"Are there any deliveries up?"
"There is one."
"Call Chris or Shar and see if they can cover. Unless Tim can take it."
"He doesn't have his car today."
"Shit. Call those two and let me know. As for Hawk, if he clocks out, he's done. This is job abandonment."
"If you don't feel comfortable telling him that, then have him call me and I'll tell him."

I get a call from Hawk about thirty seconds later.
"Miss said you wanted to talk to me."
"Are you walking out on your shift?"
"Look, I haven't been feeling good for the past few days, I'm not making any money and this whole thing with the pants I had on yesterday. I've been wearing them for like six months and they just now say something? It's ridiculous and I'm tired of dealing with it."
"All you had to do today was find coverage for your shift. That's it. But, I'm telling you right now, you clock out and that's it. You're done. I am considering this job abandonment."
"Fine. If that's how it has to be."
"Fine. Good luck to you."
And I hung up.

I called Melissa back and she said that Chris was on his way in. She had a delivery waiting to go out so I told her to apprise the customers of the situation ("Just tell them the driver walked out, you have another one coming in and their order may be about 10 minutes late. Then give them 20% off. They should be cool with that.") and that I would be there shortly to figure something out.

I get a text from Hawk about 11:45 a.m. and it says this: "Its nice to know crack heads and heroin addicts got 2nd and third chances but i have a bad day and thats it"

You see, he is forgetting that I covered his shit last Tuesday when he had a blow out with C about a fucking Xbox and his screwing an underage girl. He's also forgetting when I covered for him about his pinched nerve in his ass about two weeks ago. He's forgetting that I've looked the other way the past THREE WEEKS when he hasn't been in on time about 90% of the time. He's pissed that I wouldn't cover his shit today.


I had an epiphany on Saturday. Yes, I had to be there to take care of closing supervisor things, but while I was gone to get cheese from another store for over an hour, they did about $600 in business. Everything ran smoothly, there were no mistakes, things got out on time. And I wasn't there. I left the store in the hands of C who did a fantastic job handling everything. I wanted to ask her why she couldn't do that when she was supervising, but decided that praise for a job well done was probably the better way to go.

Now, knowing this, and about to hire three or four new people, means that I will take control of my time off and I won't be covering shit for people anymore. I have no problem if it's an emergency and there is absolutely no one else to take over. Shit happens sometimes. But, a "bad day" is not an excuse. I have many bad days and I'm expected to show up and do my fucking job. It's called being an adult.

Oh, but back to J and how his Saturday "emergency" was bullshit.

His ex calls to see if he's there and I tell her that he isn't. You see, he wasn't answering his cell phone for anyone and she figured that he didn't hear it or was busy so she calls the store. This is how my suspicions of him being with her are put to rest. I tell her that he's on my shit list for pulling this stunt and she seems a little upset about it, but says nothing. (By the way, all of this information that I am typing is from Miss this afternoon. It concerns her, too.)

It turns out that his mom wasn't in the hospital, as I stated way earlier in this post, instead...


He needed some time alone.

His ex informs Miss of this and she about goes off the deep end. Then ex tells her what I said about him being on my shit list given the information that I had at the time (that it was about his mother in the hospital) and she tells her that I'm fed up with having to cover everyone's ass all the time and I have every right to be pissed off at him for pulling this shit since I had to pull a double.

Now, Miss had agreed to this Tuesday nonsense because he said it was a family thing. His ex informs Miss that he has no family in Vail. We both got fucked over. I'm done with this nonsense. To top it all off, he didn't bother to call me last night to let me know that he was $100 over. He found it necessary to ask me what to do about being out of credit card paper, but there really is no need to disturb me to ask me why on EARTH WE WOULD BE $100 OVER!!!


I'll get more into the rest of the events of today later on, which are a sight better than these, but I'm about to run out of battery and Char wants to leave the library AND I'm really hungry and want to eat something. I bid you all later skater!

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