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"What do they call when everything intersects?" "The Bermuda Triangle."

I may have entered the Bermuda Triangle. Not sure yet.

I haven't worked at all on my nanowrimo stuff, right now I'm just not feeling it. However, given that I have gotten somewhere with it already, I may just keep playing with it now and then. The characters haven't been chasing me around yet, but they may start. I don't think any of them like hanging in limbo. And let's face it, the limbo really isn't all that fun as people in the video make it out to be. Maybe because I'm not that flexible.

This week is going to be a clusterfuck. I'm going to be doing some hiring tomorrow (making calls today to set up the times and what not for tomorrow). I need at least 2 new cooks and 2 new drivers. At least. I may hire more than that. Hours may be cut for others, but they will have to deal. It's time to get this shit together. I looked at my numbers for the week just passed and it's not good. There should have been two fantastically busy days and...they just weren't there.

Christmas bonuses are all up in the air, I am hoping I get something of some value from them. I have a few bills to pay. I also can't wait to do my taxes. That refund should hopefully help get me out of this hole I've dug for myself.

I got a new phone (it was free!) with my "New Every Two" deal. And since it was online, it was even more discounted. yay! It's the Samsung Juke. Very spiffy. I was against getting something with a music player and all that rot, but decided that this might be the thing I need. Now I have less of an excuse of, "Well, I can't find my mp3 player" or "I don't have fresh batteries for my mp3 player" Now I have my phone to play music for me while I go for a walk.

I am digging this weather change. I finally get to sleep with socks on. The World's Comfiest Socks that I got last year from April. :) :) :)

And flannel pants.

And the kitties are much more cuddly this time of year. I was watching movies on my computer last night and they were both snuggled together on top of me. So adorable. Big floofy Loretta and big meaty Vera. Good times.

Ok, time to finish setting up the rest of the store for the day. I'm gonna be here a while I think. If I get out before 6 p.m. it will be a minor miracle.

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