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Sitting in my bedroom watching Amadeus

OH baby. Can I just tell you how nice it is to watch a movie and be online? It is so freakin' awesome. I just bought my new laptop today. HP 2.4Ghz, 40GB, 256 SDRAM, rawkin' video card and modem/wifi ready (it has both!) (I don't know if these things all come like this, but for me, this is awesome).

So, I went to go buy it at Circuit City, I was there yesterday and the saleslady was very helpful, and she had a nose ring, so she must have been okay. I tried to get financing and was declined. I would have still bought it but I forgot my checkbook, I had just deposited my financial aid check in the bank, but it hadn't gone through, so I couldn't use my checkcard. Ah well. So, I said, okay, I'll be back tomorrow. Well, she wasn't there today and no one would even look twice at me (I guess I wasn't dressed as nice as I was yesterday). So, I left. I was going to go to Best Buy but then I remembered that Brandsmart had computers too, so I went there first. I was standing there trying to find the perfect HP, and I looked up and around to find a salesperson and this one guy practically came running over to me and asked if I needed help, and I replied that I wanted this model of laptop, and i asked him a few questions, he answered them in my language, which is that of someone who knows a little bit, but not a lot, so he didn't use a lot of jargon. I then asked for a mouse to go with this so that when I play solitaire I don't have to use the touchpad and he went and got it for me and everything. I was in and out of brandsmart in less than 30 minutes and he made a pretty decent sale. I hope he gets the commission on it, if that's how they work. So, I am going to just chill in my room online now. I am sooo coo.

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