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my feet hurt  
10:33pm 27/11/2007
I'm even wearing the comfy socks (which I got multiple compliments on) and they are still hurting.

This afternoon was pretty busy, but not as busy as it could have been. This evening was just a drag. Of course, nights like this is when people are going to call 15 minutes before we close and order delivery. Bastards. So, I'm sitting here waiting for the driver to come back. All she has to do for closing is mop. I did everything else for her waiting for her to come back. I'd like us both to be out of here before 11 p.m. But, right now, it's not looking likely. :(

I may go out for a beer after work. Or, I may just go home. I'll see how I feel in fifteen minutes. :)

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!
mood: tired
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